5 Best Laptop Backpacks with USB Charging Port

5 Laptop Backpacks with USB Charging : In this fast-changing digital world, when everything is constantly changing and being updated, you need to carry your gadgets including mobiles and laptops everywhere you go. You need have a backpack that can do both tasks, that can carry your gadgets as well as charge them when needed. Here comes our list of 5 Best laptop backpacks with USB charging port support.

5 Best Laptop Backpacks with USB Charging

#1: Ekphero® Laptop Backpacks With USB Charging Port


Other than having a charging port, this laptop backpack is also anti-theft, so you can roam around crowdy places freely without the fear of your laptop being stolen. It also has quick access pocket on the straps so you can your frequently used metro cards or any other cards easily when needed.

This backpack opens 180 degrees flat, so you can easily put your belongings comfortably and maximize the space usage inside the bag. Also, this backpack can hold your belongings and clothes for short trips also. Below is its specification :

  • Convenient USB port for charging your electronic devices.
  • Large space to carry your laptop, tablets and other personal belongings.
  • Perfect for school, business, vacations or any other traveling occasions.
  • Balanced design.

#2: KINGSONS Solar Charging Laptop Backpacks with USB Charging


Kingsons backpack is your perfect companion when you are heading on vacation or to a place with the limited power supply as it comes equipped with a solar powered charger. It comes with dual USB output which can prove quite useful when you need to charge your two devices at once. A stated by the manufacturer, the charging efficiency is up to 92%.

The solar charging plate can be removed and comes with quite a few security features like overheating protection, short circuit protection, and temperature protection. Below are some of the other features of this backpack :

  • Removable Solar Charging Panel
  • Dual USB Output
  • Anti Theft Design
  • Water repellant fabric
  • Safety Warning at back

#3  Dacron Laptop Backpack with USB charging and Rain Cover


This backpack comes with dual USB charging as well as rain cover which can be quite useful during raining seasons. This backpack also comes with a free USB cable, so it’s quite a deal considering the extra free products you are getting. Design wise this back is quite attractive as wells as it has enough space to hold all your gadgets in place comfortably.

It has pockets inside the straps which offers quick access to frequently used belongings like travel and shopping cards. Below are its some of the features :

  • Dual USB port
  • Rain Cover included
  • USB cable also included
  • Attractive Design

#4  CLICK High-End Version backpack with USB Port


This backpack has some quite useful features such as TSA Custom locks as well blast-proof YKK zipper for double protection. It also comes with telescopic cable, flexible and anti-cutting. When needed, you can just lock it on to a pillar. It comes equipped with a special material which twice as tough as carbon fiber. This backpack also comes with 4 layered protection insides which can prevent it from cutting.

It also opens up to 180 degrees so you can accommodate all your belongs like laptops, tablets, and other gadgets comfortably. Also, it is also equipped USB charging support. Below are some of its features :

  • TSA Custom lock system
  • RFID safe bag
  • Waterproof and wearproof fabric
  • Anti-theft features

#5  USB Charge Interface Backpack


This backpack packs quite a lot of space to hold all your gadgets as it has different compartments. It has front pocket and two side pockets to hold your smaller gadgets. This also comes with adjustable straps so you can adjust the length of the straps according to your needs. It is made of durable canvas fabric which looks stylish.

This backpack comes with external USB charging port with a built-in USB cable which is very convenient for charging your devices. Below are some of its features :

  • Front and side pockets
  • Large Capacity
  • Stylish Design
  • Adjustable Straps

Please note that some of the above backpacks may not come with included battery power, so you will have check with product pages for more details.

Thanks for reading about 5 Laptop Backpacks with USB Charging, if you have any queries please comment down below.


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