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10+ Best Cigarette Zippo Lighters (for men)

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10+ Best Cigarette Zippo Lighters (for men)

10+ Best Cigarette Zippo Lighters

Best Zippo Lighters, In action movies like Rambo, we always watched Sylvester Stallone throwing a Zippo in style and the trucks go Boom! Remember those scenes? Men usually start smoking cigarettes or weed to look fashionable and obviously to impress girls by replicating the movie stars but we all know that most of the women don’t like it but ‘men will be men’ LOL. Anyway, sometimes it becomes a habit or we use it to loosen our stress or to maintain social status or to enhance creativity; Whatever the reason is but the most important thing is to light up the cigarette, joint, or smoking pipe with a classy Zippo Lighter.

Nowadays there are many types of Lighters in the market that work on battery which can be charged by USB like digital or electric lighters but most of the men like the Old- School Style to light up a cigarette. In this article, I will show you the Best Zippo Lighters which look classic, exclusively stylish, and pocket-friendly with a windproof design that works virtually anywhere and it’s Refillable for a lifetime of use; flints and wick are also replaceable. The Dimensions are common 1.5L x 0.5W x 2.25H inches are almost common in most of the Zippo Lighters.

This lighter brand is aged and possesses a Vintage and Retro look for which it has become the most favourite for most men all around the globe, even if they don’t smoke. Zippo is known for its distinctive Zippo “click”. Many Gentlemen also amaze people by showing Zippo tricks and magic. It’s available to buy on Amazon.com in many variants- Classic plain as well as designed. You are going to know about some of the Best in this article. Now Let’s scroll down. And the Best 3 are at the bottom of the post.

#1. Zippo Matte Lighters

Zippo Matte LIghter

If you like different colors on Matte because of its scratchproof quality, then u are going to love these ‘Zippo Matte Lighters with distinctive Zippo “click”. It’s available in more than 19+ different colors. If you are A Funk then you should have one of these. Teenagers as well as senior people would like to have one of these matte beauties.

#2. Zippo Jack Daniel’s Lighters

Jack Daniel's Tennessee Zippo Lighter

We know that Jack Daniel’s Tennessee is a world-known Whiskey brand and Zippo use their name to make exquisite design lighters. This product looks like a Gentleman’s apparatus to light up a cigarette, joint, or smoking pipe. it’s made of Metal. It’s available in 25+ varients. So if you are looking to impress your friends or colleagues at a house party and want a Vintage heritage type lighter too, then it’s for you.

#3. Zippo Ace Lighters

Zippo Ace Lighters

If you want a long-lasting as well as a heavy-duty lighter and the killer look personality as well, you must once try the ‘Zippo Ace’ of your choice. It has a custom-designed metal body with Chrome Finish which ensures a Lifetime Guarantee of the body case. It’s available in 20+ variants. You can also check out a similar category product called ‘Zippo King of Spade/ Hearts Pocket Lighter’ for more casino themes.

#4. Zippo Chrome Lighters

Zippo Chrome Lighters

If your priority is super durability and Classic Vintage look, the plain Vintage version is for you which is made up of stainless steel. This armor-style lighter is an all-metal construction about 1.5 times as thick as a standard Zippo case. It’s available in 16+ variants. if you believe in simplicity and don’t want any color or style, this is it.

#5. Zippo Harley Davidson Lighters

Zippo Harley Davidson Lighter

You can consider the ‘Zippo Harley Davidson Lighters’ as the most common choice of almost all bikers who love this brand. And if you have a Harley Bike then this product would the most appropriate for you to light up the Cigar or Pipe. This product reflects boldness and charm. The Item Weight is 0.07 Kg and the Dimensions are 0.63L x 1.57W x 2.17H inches. it’s available in numerous designs. You can also check out a similar category product called ‘Zippo War Eagle’ or ‘Zippo Skull’ Lighters.

#6. Zippo Color Ice Lighters

Zippo Color Ice Lighter

The ‘Zippo Color Ice Lighters’ have a super gloss finish with a gorgeous brush metal effect which will make you irresistible to buy this product. This could be a decent as well as beautiful choice if you have planned to buy your first Zippo. The Dimensions are 3L x 2.5W x 1H inches. It’s available in more than 10+ varients. And if you like Neon Colors also just check out the ‘Zippo Neon Lighters’ also.

#7. Zippo Dragon Lighters

Zippo Dragon Lighter

These Dragon Lighters are fine pieces of craftsmanship made up of the highest quality Synthetic material on the body case. It’s basically inspired by the Chinese culture- ‘The Dragon and Yin & Yang’. It’s available in more than 31+ varients. It is perfect for outdoor and even indoor use. You can also check out a similar category product called ‘Zippo Yin & Yang Lighters’.

#8. Zippo Army Lighters

Zippo Army Lighter

‘Zippo US Army Lighters’ gives the real feeling of Patriotism and World War truly dedicated to US Army Men. It’s very much suitable for you if you are in Army or planning to join it. But also, obviously, anyone could buy.  It’s available in more than 35+ varients. You can also check out a similar category product called ‘Zippo Air Force Lighters’ or ‘Zippo Coast Gaurd Lighters’. These are really rough & tough.

#9. Zippo Currency Lighters

Zippo Currency Lighter

This product reminds me of the cartoon show called ‘Richie Rich’- 90s guys should remember. Are you thinking about dollars and trying to attract them? You can feel the sparkle of Richness in ‘Zippo Currency Lighters’. if it’s in your hand it builds a rapport of you around other people. It’s a perfect gift item for your beloved ones. This item weighs about 80 g and the Dimensions are 2.38L x 0.88W x 3.25H inches. The Dollar in the case looks awesomely carved. It also comes in a Euro variant. And according to an experiment, most of the Rappers or those who like & listen to Rap music will surely like this product.

#10. Zippo Playboy/ Playboy Cover Lighters

Zippo Playboy Lighter

Here is the best product for Sexy and seductive men. Playboy has been an entertainer for men since 1984 and most people know about it. Lightening the cigarette with a ‘Zippo Playboy Lighter’ can attract the eyes of ladies around you and will tell all about your dirty intentions without saying anything. So if it matches your flirtatious personality, I’d rather suggest you add it to your Zippo collection. It’s available in many customizable designs as well as in regular logo designs. You can also check out a similar category product called ‘Zippo Night Mission’ & ‘Zippo Midnight collection’ Lighters. In a line- These are the Sexiest Lighters I’ve ever seen.

#11. Zippo Weed Pot Leaf Lighters

Zippo Weed Pot Leaf Lighter

‘Zippo Weed Pot Leaf Lighters’ are available in different Matte colors and Brushed Chrome variants. Weed lovers, as well as Bob Marley fans, would love to have it and light up their Joint with this dopy very attractive matte as well as metallic finish lighter. According to research weed is becoming more popular and legal in many states, also it is becoming famous among cancer patients, thinkers, professionals, artists, etc. and they love weed-themed products very much. A Zippo with a Weed Pot Leaf is like the icing on the cake.

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