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Best Drawing Color Set For Children & Kids

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So your sweet children are ready to paint and play with colors? And you are planning to buy the best color set for children & kids. Not to worry I have picked some famous color sets. Below is an honest review. I have tested all the color set before publishing the information here. Dear parents go through my blog. Select, choose and pick best drawing color set for children & kids. 


best color kit for children & kids

Why should children like it?

After getting in hand your children will give no reason to reject the Camlin color gift set. It has a combo pack that obviously attracts children and kids as well. It’s attractive packing inspire your sweetheart to draw again and again.

What does the drawing color set for children contain?

Already it is a combo pack of colors. That is why it contains all necessary variety of colors along with fun coloring page.

  • 10 jumbo size oil pastel of different shades makes the color set attractive for children.
  • 10 watercolor cake is the best choice if your kids love to pint pictures with watercolors.
  • 12 shades of a wooden pencil are waiting for kids. If you think your children are comfortable with pencils also. Then you can buy it.
  • 5 sketch pen can be a perfect option for sketch lover children.
  • 4 attractive shades of sparkle tube will attract your kids obviously.
  • 8 plastic crayons are the favorite option for drawing lover children.
  • 1 brush & 1 scrapping tools can be a favorite part color set.
  • Coloring pages obviously children love the most.


  • The best part of the Camlin color set is its combination of colors in different versions.
  • Watercolor, crayon, sketch, wooden pencil makes it different.
  • Sparkle tube in four shades makes it children friendly.
  • Brush, scrapping tools and coloring pages is the attractive part of the color set.
  • Very smooth product, value for money.


  • Children will waste all the color at a time. Because all version of color is there.
  • The color set should have a sharpener for a wooden pencil.
  • Watercolor, crayons and wooden color contain the same shades.
  • Different shades of color are missing.


best color kit for children & kids

Why should kids love it?

Why not? When it has a variety of shades of color. It is obvious this color kit would be a favorite stationery product for your children. In fact it has a drawing copy also. It would give amazing experience in drawing.

What does Camlin COLOR KIT for kids contain?

Because it is a combo pack of color kit & drawing kit. That is why it contains color shades along with drawing pads.

  • 1 set of watercolor with 24 shades & 1 brush. It makes color kit complete.
  • 6 sparkle color. It is enough to motivate children towards creative drawing.
  • 12 oil pastel colors can be a favorite version of color for kids.
  • 12 wooden pencil is also in the color kit. If your children are just a beginner you can suggest a wooden pencil for color.
  • 16 crayon shades are the best part of the Camlin color kit.

What does the Camlin DRAWING KIT contain?

It contains nothing enough according to expectation of students.

  • 1 drawing book with 36 pages.


  • A variety of shades of color makes it attractive.
  • Watercolor has an amazing range of colors with 24 different shades Wow.
  • Crayon & oil pastel makes it a favorite among growing age children.
  • Brush & drawing book is like a bonus with colors.
  • Quality-wise best drawing product.


  • Sketch pen is missing.
  • Color paper is not in the combo.
  • No sharpener is there for a wooden color pencil.


best color set for children & kids

Why it should be a favorite for children?

The main reason for its favorite among children is its transparent bag. Bag attracts children more than their color set & instrument box. Lots of stationery products make Doms color kit different and attractive.

What does the Doms drawing color kit contain?

It contains combination colors, a pencil, an eraser and an instrument box. The large collection of Doms makes it a favorite choice for children.

  • 16 crayons with different shades are a sweet part of Doms.
  • 12 watercolor pen is a creative collection of Doms.
  • 25 oil pastels is a large collection for those children who love to play with color on drawing books.
  • 1 instrument box with compass, pencil, eraser, & sharpener is a wow product for growing children.
  • 1 scale for measurement.
  • 12 aqua pencil is the best creative collection of Doms.
  • 1 eraser of the hexagon shape.
  • 1 chalk holder for future use if children bought chalk sometime.
  • 1 drawing book to create amazing designs with colors.
  • 10 sets of a pencil with grip to hold properly.
  • 1 copy of Doms to make notes.


  • The color kit contains all essential stationery products.
  • Watercolor is available in pen is good to go for children.
  • Aqua pencil is as a bonus.
  • Drawing copy complete the kit.
  • A transparent bag is a Gift.
  • Finish touch is the USP of DOMS.


  • No sketch color.
  • Sparkle color is unavailable.


best color kit for children & kids

Why children will like it?

Obviously children will like it the most. Because it has all the essential drawing kits. Colors with a variety of shades and versions.

What does the Doms drawing color set for children contain?

The color set is full of crayons, watercolor, sparkle pens, drawing copy, etc. Let’s have a look.

  • 1 drawing book of Doms.
  • 12 oil pastels with different shades.
  • 12 wax crayons in amazing color and texture.
  • 12 plastic crayons. It is long-lasting that is why good for children.
  • 1 watercolor with 12 shades and 1 paintbrush.
  • 12 watercolor in the pen version.
  • 6 bicolor pencil with 12 shades. It will surely attract kids.
  • 1 pencil kit with an eraser.


  • Bicolor pencil is enough to attract your kids.
  • A watercolor pen is convenient to paint for beginner artists.
  • A pencil kit is good to make a drawing.
  • Plastic crayon is best because of its long-lasting quality.
  • The long-lasting effect is amazing.


  • Sketch color is missing.
  • There should have a sparkle pen.
  • The color paper must be added to add creativity to children.



Why your kid will like Faber Castell color set?

Faber Castell color kit has a complete range of drawing products. It is the best to color combo pack for beginners.

What does Faber Castell’s color set for kids contain?

All I can say is the color set is for kids. So it has all the necessary color equipment. Although this set is for beginner kids only.


  • 1 pad of art paper.
  • Sticker to attract & engage kids in drawing.
  • 12 beeswax crayons in different shades.
  • 6 duo-tip marker in 12 amazing shades is the best part of Faber Castell.
  • 6 wooden pencil of short length.
  • 1 sharpener to sharpen the color pencil and normal pencil as well.


  • Best combo pack for 5,6-year kids.
  • Duo tip marker is attractive.
  • A drawing pad is good to keep engage kids.
  • Quality product with long-lasting life at a reasonable price.


  • The pencil is missing.
  • Sketch color is also not a part of the color set.


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