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20+Best Gift Ideas For Indian Girlfriend On Festive season, New Year

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It’s the festive season! Lamps are all set for the decoration, sweets are prepared for the sweet tooth craving and the celebrations are waiting to be celebrated. India is the land of festivals. Every year our diversified society celebrates several festivals. Especially in the upcoming month of November and December, the calendar is filled with festival dates.

We exchange gifts, sweet boxes, and wish each other prosperity for the future. All of us desire to give the best present to our loved ones. Be it our mother, father, siblings, or a girlfriend. When it comes to an Indian girlfriend, getting her a present means searching the whole market to get an eye on that one unique present. And in this market full of options, who would assure you the warranty of a product?

That is why searching for a perfect gift for your Indian girlfriend is not easy at seems. Firstly, it is difficult to understand a woman’s mind. Secondly, it is impossible to decipher what’s in her heart? I clearly understand your dilemma that why it is difficult to choose the best gift for your girlfriend.

But out of everything available in the market, all girls look for something unique and extraordinary. All women love hand-crafted products, especially those having intricate designs. Without further description, let’s check out the best gift ideas for an Indian Girlfriend this festive season.


What is the best satisfaction level you receive when you gift something to your girlfriend? It is her happiness and her smile. That very moment when you see her beaming with happiness, you realize that all your efforts have not gone in vain.

I have here tried to present you a small aid by enlisting some of the coolest and the best gift ideas for an Indian girlfriend this festive season. I am sure, any Indian girlfriend would love these gift articles.

1)Shining Diva Fashion Long Chain

Every woman loves jewelry, ranging from pendants to earrings. Every boyfriend looks upon her girlfriend as an angel who descended down from heaven only for him. So gift your angel like girlfriend this beautiful angel pendant.

Best Gift Ideas for Indian Girlfriend this festive season


  • This pendant is a beautiful double layer neck-piece. It is silver in color and highly lustrous in appearance.
  • The body of the angel is designed very intricately which has shiny diamonds embedded in it. The structure of an angel is precisely placed on a pearl.
  • The chain is made up of premium metal and is Nickel-free and Lead-free.
  • This pendant is proudly MADE IN INDIA and your girlfriend can wear it for any occasion. Be it for formal meetings, or for casual gatherings.
  • You can shop this from AMAZON at Rs.290

2)Addic Women’s Watch.

Bracelet’s watch is similar to a woman who is both beautiful and is smart. And of course, every Indian girlfriend is a beauty with brains. For your beauty, you can buy this super stylish watch as her festive present.

Best Gift Ideas for Indian Girlfriend this festive season


  • This super stylish bracelet-kind-watch is made up of stainless steel. The dial color is deep blue. But you can also buy the same model in other colors like black and white.
  • Because of the unique design, this is an ideal watch for both formal and informal gatherings. The rose gold strap allows it to be wearable with any dress.
  • You can shop for it from AMAZON at Rs.499.

3)Shaze Clover Copper Necklace, Earrings, and Pendant Set

The season of festivals means colors all over the town. Every woman dresses up in authentic Indian cholis or lehengas. It looks so perfect, right? So why don’t you gift her this perfect necklace set to make her festive season more perfect?

Best Gift Ideas for Indian Girlfriend this festive season


  • A multicolor necklace set with flower design. Each flower has four petals of different colors- gold, rose gold, silver, and shiny pink.
  • This is a light-weighted necklace set that is embedded with Zirconia cubic stones.
  • Made up of skin-friendly copper metal. So your girlfriend can flaunt it anywhere and anytime.
  • A very uniquely designed necklace with big enough earrings. It is best for the occasions where your girlfriend desires to make an impact.
  • Shop this from AMAZON at Rs.999.

4)Caprese Cate Women’s Tote Bag

Handbags always seems a mystery to every boyfriend. What is it that my girlfriend needs to carry such a big bag when for me one wallet is enough- this wonders every boyfriend. But my dear readers, being an independent woman is not an easy task. You need to carry three shades of lipstick, who knows what shade would be required and when?

As a girl you need to keep your compact ready, you ought to have a diary a pen. Basically, this means a handbag is no ordinary bad, it is a treasure! And treasure needs to be well kept in a beautiful bag.

Best Gift Ideas for Indian Girlfriend this festive season


  • This wonderful bag from CAPRESE which is peach in color comes with a back zip and an internal compartment. Therefore, it is both useful and beautiful.
  • Your girlfriend can use this both as a handbag and as a sling bag. It comes with an additional long sling strap.
  • This is a guaranteed original product from an original brand. And it also has an original metal logo. Therefore, your girlfriend need not worry about the quality of the product.
  • A very stylish bag with a classic look that is made up of faux leather. This bag is big enough which is 22 centimeters high and 28 centimeters long.
  • You can buy this from AMAZON at Rs.2999

5)Quace 20 Pcs Photo Clips String Light

Fairy lights and decorative lights are the new trends this festive season. Every girlfriend would love to illuminate her bedroom with sparkling lights and sweet memories. You can give this beautiful set up 20 light photo clips along with the best pics of you two together.

Best Gift Ideas for Indian Girlfriend this festive season


  • A very unique concept for a light series which includes 20 illuminated photo clips.
  • It operates like every other light series. Your girlfriend simply needs to connect the plug to a socket and switch it ON. BOOM! her bedroom is all sparkling with these beautiful lights.
  • Each photo clip has one LED bulb inserted in it. Moreover, the best part that it does not overheat which might result in damage to the product.
  • This environment-friendly light series is easily bendable and is easy to handle.
  • Surprisingly, your girlfriend can also operate it with batteries.
  • Shop this exclusively from AMAZON at Rs. 375

6)Yellow Chimes Pendant Necklace Set

Which girlfriend would not love to possess this wonderful swan-shaped necklace? Just looking at it makes any girl fall in love with it.

Best Gift Ideas for Indian Girlfriend this festive season


  • The bird swan defines feminism, it defines purity, love, and attraction. This unique pendant necklace is surely among the best gift ideas for an Indian girlfriend this festive season.
  • The product is made up of a skin-friendly metal alloy which 97 percent tin and 3 percent bismuth.
  • According to international standards, it is LEAD-free and NICKEL-free.
  • The feather area of the swan is embedded with beautiful beads which give a sparkling effect.
  • Buy this beautiful necklace from AMAZON at rs.247

7)ARZONAI New Love Pearl Necklace

When it comes to love, don’t leave any stone unturned. Express your love by gifting this lovable necklace to your girlfriend this festive season.

Best Gift Ideas for Indian Girlfriend this festive season


  • Beautifully handcrafted, this necklace looks highly adorable due to its indicated and detailed design.
  • The product is made up of stainless steel and is rose gold plated.
  • Firstly, this necklace has a rare design which you won’t be able to find easily.
  • Secondly, it includes a long change which can be adjusted according to the length required.
  • Your beautiful girlfriend can wear this beautiful necklace for any occasion.
  • Shop this from AMAZON at Rs.149


The concept of gifting among couples is very romantic. Because you don’t need any specific reason or any special occasion to surprise your girlfriend. Be it during the festive season, or be it during the OFF season, you can easily sway your Indian girlfriend with these cute romantic gift ideas.

A romantic gift always symbolizes something that would remind your partner of your presence. Scroll down for some amazing and unique gift ideas for an Indian girlfriend this festive season.

Shopping confusion? Check out these trendy articles:

1)The House of Tara -Canvas Backpack

Backpacks are the new cool when it comes to accessories. A good-looking and efficient backpack is something hard to find. But here it is in the list of best gift ideas for Indian girlfriend this festive season.

Best Gift Ideas for Indian Girlfriend this festive season


  • This exclusive backpack from the house of TARA is exclusively designed from canvas giving a very aesthetic look. Moreover, it is made up of cotton.
  • Very sturdy and highly efficient. The cycle print with a newspaper background makes it a stand-out among other conventional bags.
  • It is accented with leather and the lining is done of polyester. This stylish backpack is suitable for both professional and personal use.
  • Hence, it is an ideal gift if your girlfriend is a college student.
  • Buy this from AMAZON at Rs.799

2)Yellow Chimes Love Heart Charm pendant

Make your girlfriend smile every time by gifting her this romantic blue diamond heart-shaped pendant.

Best Gift Ideas for Indian Girlfriend this festive season


  • This is a silver-plated Italian style classic heart pendant, which symbolizes LOVE.
  • Your girlfriend can wear it without any second thoughts as it is made up of a skin-friendly alloy which contains 97 percent tin and 3 percent bismuth.
  • Firstly, it is nickel-free and lead-free as per international standards. Secondly, it would add charm to your girlfriend’s closet. Hence, it is both effective and beautiful.
  • Buy it from AMAZON at Rs.199.

3)FETISHRY Night Light Projector

If nights seem lonely to your girlfriend without your presence, or if you both happen to be in a long-distance relationship by chance. Then, this romantic night light is the best gift idea for your Indian girlfriend this festive season.

Best Gift Ideas for Indian Girlfriend this festive season


  • This product is a starry night projector. It will make your girlfriend feel as if she is sleeping under the stars.
  • A very good alternative for room decor. The 360 degrees panoramic projection gives a holistic appeal and a romantic feel.
  • The HD projector includes four LED bulbs and it has several galaxy modes that can be controlled via buttons.
  • The lamp is 13 centimeters in dimensions and is proudly MDE IN INDIA.
  • Buy this super cool and romantic gift from AMAZON at RS.609

4)Shining Diva Gold Jewellery for Women

Have you ever wondered that what does the shape of a circle represent? It symbolizes infinity. Your love for your girlfriend must surely be infinite. Express your infinite love with this unique circle bracelet.

Best Gift Ideas for Indian Girlfriend this festive season


  • One of the best gift ideas for an Indian girlfriend this festive season. This bracelet can be paired up with both traditional and modern looks.
  • The bracelet is carefully hand-crafted with 360 degrees polishing and gold plated with the technique of metal electroplating.
  • Alternative circles are embedded with high-quality Australian Rhinestones. Moreover, the main body is made up of high-quality alloy.
  • This is a super stylish adjustable bracelet that she can wear for everyday purposes.
  • Shop this from AMAZON at a pocket-friendly price of Rs.143

5)Start Makers Diamond Handle Makeup Brush Set

Make-up means a second skin for every woman. Every girl loves doing make-up, indulging in those colorful eyeshades, and making a statement with perfect lipstick. But for perfect make-up, every woman needs a perfect set of make-up brushes.

Best Gift Ideas for Indian Girlfriend this festive season


  • The combo includes all professional brushes ranging from eye shadow applicator to lip liner. This set of make-up brushes is a must-have for every woman.
  • All brushes are suitable for both professional and personal purposes. Your girlfriend would love to apply make-up with these brushes. Because firstly, the broad metallic design makes it easy to grip. Secondly, the combination of blue and purple makes it look super classy.
  • All brushes are made up of high-quality synthetic fiber. This makes the tip of the brush bristles, easy to hold the powder.
  • You can buy this super cool combo of brushes at Rs.629 only on AMAZON.

6)YELLOW CHIMES Swiss Zircon Ring

If you are that boyfriend who is planning to propose her girlfriend this festive season, then I suggest this as the best festive proposal gift ever.

Best Gift Ideas for Indian Girlfriend this festive season


  • Made up of a skin-friendly alloy, this beautiful ring suits perfectly the theme of the royal red carpet.
  • Embedded with highest-quality crystals, in addition to that gold-plated three times. This ring is a must-have for every woman’s wardrobe.
  • You can easily buy this cute ring from AMAZON at Rs.275

7)Hosley Leaves Tealight Candle Holder

Candles are a must-have this festive season. But to increase the dignity of every festive candle, a candle-holder is equally a must-have this festive season.

Best Gift Ideas for Indian Girlfriend this festive season


  • Just like how a pair of roses standing together under the sun in your garden. Similarly, the candle holder looks like two glass jar standing together and symbolizing love.
  • Made up of iron metal, this candle-holder comes in brown color.
  • It is just perfect for adding a decorative touch to any room’s decor. Your girlfriend can use it both in her office and in her room.
  • The best gift idea for an Indian girlfriend this festive season that can you buy from AMAZON at rs.319.


An Indian woman is personified with her tradition and culture. A modern woman is someone who beautifully incorporates western style with Indian tradition. An Indian woman is a symbol of power, strength, and ultimate beauty. She is someone who is very unique. An Indian woman can rock the show both in a saree and in her modern outfit as well.

This is the quality trait of an Indian woman which makes her unique and stand-out in the entire world. For someone as unique as your unique Indian girlfriend, a unique gift ought to be presented. Therefore I have selected some hand-picked unique gift ideas that you can give to an Indian girlfriend this festive season.

From books to baby products, we have got it all. Check out these trendy articles:

1)Homesake® Tea Light Candle Holder

The festival of lights- DIWALI is coming. This festival embarks the beginning of the festive season in India. A traditionally styled tea-light candle holder is something that would suspiciously brighten your girlfriend’s life.


  • Carefully handcrafted with detailed designs, this set of two tealight candle-holder looks very beautiful as home decor.
  • The candle-holders are proudly MDE IN INDIA which you can buy from AMAZON at rs.444.
  • Each candle holder is as small as a 6-inch smartphone. But the miniature design makes it look even more beautiful.
  • Your girlfriend can use it for both decorative and lighting purposes.

2)ExclusiveLane ‘Cannery Twittery’ Wind Chime

The history of wind chimes dates back to pre-history times. People used it not only for musical pleasure but also for determining wind directions. Over the years, the structure of wind chimes has modified. We can easily find those conventional cylindrical ones. But looking at this special bird wind chime would bring a smile to every Indian girlfriend’s face.


  • It looks simple yet very elegant and traditional. The structure is that of two beautiful love birds hanging and dancing on tree branches.
  • Hand-painted by local artisans and made up of metal. Your girlfriend can hang this anywhere. Be it her bedroom, study area, office, living room, or balcony.
  • the wind chime is quite big enough as it is almost 7 inches high.
  • Buy this from AMAZON at rs.1299

3)Spathodea – Watercolor Painting

Original hand-painted canvas is taking over the trend of big photo frames. Girls always love artistic things. This watercolor painting is exclusively available only on AMAZON.

Best Gift Ideas for Indian Girlfriend this festive season


  • Exclusive hand painting by Chitra Vaidya sold by Indiaart Gallery.
  • Landscape made on canvas and watercolor painting on paper.
  • The unique color design sets the perfect mood and is an ideal home decor for the living room and bedroom.
  • Buy this masterpiece at Rs.22400.

4)Kusum Women’s Handbag

Ladies these days don’t buy material and then stitch the cloth. They simply buy it from retail stores and then buy the matching accessories and bags. But shopping for a bag for every dress is hectic right? Solve your girlfriend’s problem by gifting her this multi-color silk traditional handbag.


  • You may wonder why this is a perfect handbag for your woman. It is as firstly it is stylish and secondly it is efficient.
  • The bag contains a spacious compartment, a nice zip pocket, and a long strap. Along with that, it has sturdy broad handles for easy grip.
  • Your girlfriend need not worry about the damage of the handbag designs. The expert artisans have beautifully hand-crafted it.
  • Shop for this on AMAZON at Rs. 899

5)Obbi Crystal Rose Brass Candle Holder

Like garnishing is very important for a dish to look nice. Similarly, a traditional show-piece is really important for a home to look more beautiful. Therefore, these sparkling candle holders are the best gift ideas for an Indian girlfriend this festive season.


  • Do you know the best part about this set of two candle-holders? You can use it both for decorative purposes and also as a mini glass-shaped flower vase.
  • Made up of high-quality sparkling crystals. Each candle-holder is standing tall on a sturdy base.
  • The theme of this product is rose. You can gift this to your girlfriend on the occasion of Diwali or Christmas.
  • The set of two candleholders is available on AMAZON at Rs.549

6)YouBella Fashion Jewellery Bracelet

For every Indian girl, a ‘chudi’, a ‘Kada’, or a bracelet holds a very auspicious place in her wardrobe. A modern Indian woman looks for something traditional which she can use for both western outfits and Indian outfits.


  • Anybody can tell just by looking at the design of this wonderful bracelet that this is surely the best gift ideas for an Indian girlfriend this festive season.
  • Nickel-free and lead-free as per standards that make it very skin-friendly. The plating is non-allergic and safe for all environments
  • This light-weight bracelet measures only 50 grams. In addition to that, the buttery fly design gives it a modern look. And the vibrant colors give it a traditional look.
  • You can buy this beautiful bracelet from AMAZON at Rs.599

7)Zivom® Flower Necklace Earring Set 

Indian women just love jewelry. They can outshine any country’s woman when it comes to their accessory collection. But every treasure must have a ‘Kohinoor’. How about a ‘Kohinoor’ which you gift your Indian girlfriend this festive season?


  • This is a unique necklace-earring set from Zivome in the theme of leaf and flower-inspired from mother nature.
  • Your girlfriend need not to worry about the quality of this product. As it is silver-plated via the german technique.
  • Moreover, the necklace and the earring are embedded with high-quality American diamonds.
  • Originally made up of brass, she can use it for both professional and personal occasions.
  • Shop this from AMAZON at rs.638


Buying a gift present is not an easy task. Especially when it comes to buying for your dear girlfriend. Also, as due to the current ongoing pandemic, it would be a bit difficult for you yourself to go out and shop for a gift article.

Therefore, here I have presented an exclusive list of best gift ideas for Indian girlfriend this festive season, that you can buy online from the e-commerce website AMAZON. I hope my efforts and research would certainly help you. Happy shopping this festive season!



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