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20+Best Innerwear For Women To Wear In Party, Gym & College

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Hello, beautiful ladies! Have you wondered why some bras fit you well, while others don’t? Or, have you felt uncomfortable with some underwear? And don’t know what they are best suited for according to the occasion? Most of the time we get confused about the best innerwear for women for parties gym & college. Β Many of us find it difficult to get answers to these questions since we keep this topic on the hush. These are topics that are generally not discussed in schools or homes. This is why we’re here. Today I am telling you the best innerwear for women for parties, gym & college.

Why is it Necessary to Wear Innerwear?

Best innerwear for women for parties gym & college are designed to promote hygiene. Innerwear is important for both males and females. It is even more important for women as it has additional benefits.

Bras help women from the time of breast growth and onwards. They give support to the breasts as they grow, and prevents them from sagging.

Furthermore, they help maintain the breast shape and size.

In addition, different styles of bras serve different purposes. Examples include nursing bras used during motherhood, sports bras for work-outs, T-Shirt bras for everyday wear, etc.

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On the other hand, underwear prevents our outerwear from getting stained with natural body discharges such as period blood and vaginal discharge. It also serves as protective wear for women. That is why I have written full details on best innerwear for women for parties gym & college. Your look matter more, isn’t it?

As you can tell, all women should own innerwear as it is a staple. However, with hundreds of styles and purposes for innerwear, it becomes difficult to choose the right kind for your needs. In this blog, we will explain different types of Innerwear used for Parties, College-Going girls, Sportswear, and Winter.

Innerwear brand for ladies to Wear in parties

The deciding factor for what kind of innerwear you should wear to a party depends on the dress you choose. When choosing party wear, many tend to opt for more stylish, revealing dresses such as backless dresses, strapless dresses, and shorter-length skirts.

Of course, this may not always be the case, as there are women who also chose to go casually dressed with a dash of modesty. Choosing either of the options is perfectly fine and is up to the woman who wears them.

However, partywear is usually associated with the former. Hence, keeping that in mind, we will look into a few innerwear brands and styles that cater to those needs.

As mentioned earlier most common party dresses come in different styles such as strapless dresses, tube, and satin tops, plunging necklines, backless dresses, off-shoulder dresses, one-shoulder dresses, and many more.

The choice of underwear is also important based on the lining and length of your dresses.

Below we have detail of best innerwear for women for parties gym & college. There are innerwear options that suit each dressing style.

1. Clovia – Strapless Bra with Detachable Transparent Straps

best innerwear for women for parties gym & college

One of India’s most trusted brands when it comes to lingerie and innerwear. Clovia has a wide range of options to suit all your needs. Their Strapless Bra collection has a lot of choices to choose from. This bra kills two birds with one stone as it can be worn as a strapless bra and also can be worn with detachable transparent straps.

This bra style is suitable for:

  • Off-Shoulder Dresses
  • One- Shoulder Dresses
  • Strapless Dresses
  • Tube Tops
  • Sheer and Lacy Dresses
  • Satin Scarf Tops
  • Spaghetti Strap Dresses

2. Zivame – Non-Wired 3/4 Coverage Stick On Bra

Adhesive Bra

Another top brand name for women, Zivame has all a woman needs, in one stop. Zivame’s collection provides variety along with modernity. They have some great designs and styles for innerwear that you should check out. Their adhesive bra collection comes with many options.

The stick-on bra uses skin-friendly glue to stick onto the breasts firmly. Many might be afraid to get one thinking that the glue may not stick well and could fall off. This may be the case with cheap, low-quality brands, however, Zivame provides good quality for their products.

One of their top sellers in the Stick On Bra collection is this nude-colored stick-on bra. This bra is used for:

  • Backless Tops
  • Styled Back Dresses
  • Tube Tops
  • Bandeau Tops
  • Strapless Dresses

3. Myntra – DressBerry Plunge Bra

Plunge Bra

India’s number one online fashion company Myntra has hundreds of styles for innerwear in vogue. Myntra’s brand DressBerry is known for its trendy and affordable clothing. Their collection includes dresses both Indian and Western, shoes, and even innerwear. This Plunge Bra from DressBerry is essentially suited for:

  • Low Neckline Tops and Dresses
  • V-Cut Tops and Dresses
  • Lace or Sheer Neck Tops and Dresses

4. Nykaa – Amante Seamless High-Waist Panty

Seamless Panty

Indian Fashion & Beauty brand, Nykaa has more offers more than just makeup and beauty products. In 2018, Nykaa started its pathway in fashion and has never looked back since then. Nykaa offers great deals when it some to their merchandise and they also have a large collection.

Nykaa, like Zivame, also sells products from other brands. Their collection of Amante No-Show Seamless Panties removes the problem of bulky seams and is a must-have for those who wear:

  • Bodycon Dresses
  • Dresses with no lining
  • Form Fitting Pants
  • Pencil Skirts

5. Zivame – Amante Low Rise Boy Short Panties

Boy Shorts

As mentioned earlier, Zivame is a top Indian brand for women’s underwear. Zivame also sells products from other lingerie brands. These Boy Shorts from Amante (sold by Zivame) are a popular choice for many women. Boy shorts are modeled after men’s briefs and are styled like normal shorts. They offer full coverage and protection but cannot be worn during your periods because of the design and pattern used.

This makes them useful to wear under:

  • Mini Skirts
  • Short Dresses
  • Dresses with high slits
  • Sheer Dresses
  • Form Fitting Dresses

6. Nykaa – Da Intimo Solid Coloured Bralette

best innerwear for women for parties gym & college

The latest trend among party-goers and young women is the Bralette. The Bralette in itself acts as a top. With intricate designs and patterns, many opt to wear one like a crop top while heading out to clubs and parties.

Bralettes work well, especially with smaller chest sizes. They double as bras that give coverage and also can be worn as normal tops. These work well if you’re planning to go for a more flirty, daring look for the party.

Da Intimo, sold by has some of the best bralette designs with a range of colors, at affordable prices.

Which Innerwear Brand is Best for College-Going Girls?

When considering a college-going girl’s needs, three things should come to mind. Expense, Durability, and Comfort. As a college-going student is most likely to live away from home, she would be on a budget and have other expenses to keep track of. This would mean that she can’t afford to spend too much on her clothing.

In addition, when a woman studies and takes part in a lot of extracurricular activities in college for most of the day, comfort and durability are important, unlike partywear, where style is preferred.

When choosing innerwear for college-going students, light, solid colors are preferred as they are easier to wash and maintain. Additionally, when choosing bras, opt for non-wired options as wired bras can be uncomfortable and even painful at times.

Given below are some options a college-going student can check before buying her innerwear.

1. Clovia – Non-Wired Everyday Bra

Everyday Bra

As mentioned earlier, Clovia has a great collection and sells at an affordable range. What’s more, is that they have an offer that runs throughout the year where you can buy 4 bras and a camisole for under Rs.800. Now that’s a deal!

This Non-Wired Everyday Bra is a part of the offer set. It comes in eight different colors and has many sizes available as well.  You can choose from hundreds of other styles and designs from the same collection.

Everyday Bras are known for their comfort, durability, and affordability. Hence, I would say that this style is a classic and should be a part of every girl’s wardrobe.

2. Ajio – Eves Beauty T-Shirt Bra with Adjustable Straps

best innerwear for women for parties gym & college

Another staple in a girl’s closet should be a T-Shirt Bra. These are smooth and seamless.

T-Shirt bras pair well under fitting clothes. Since they are seamless, they give a smooth finish and don’t bulge over your outerwear. They are also the most common types of bras and are best for daily wear use.

Ajio sells innerwear from a wide range of brands. Eves Beauty is one of their most affordable brands and has a nice collection too.

This T-Shirt bra range is sold in all neutral colors such as black, white, and nude shades. These colors go well with almost any outfit.

Additionally, Eves Beauty has suitable options for petite sizes as well. Their range supports a lot of women that have smaller chests, so this would be great for a college-going student.

3. Zivame – Zivame Summer Love Push Up Bra

Push Up Bra

As the name suggests, this is a product a college-going student would love. It is slightly different from the other bras recommended for college girls as it is a wired bra and leans towards the style more than comfort.

However, since the bra gives a good uplift, all young women would love to own one. This bra gives a moderate push-up that enhances 1 cup size of your usual bras. It also provides cleavage and makes the breasts look rounder and fuller, increasing confidence in young women.

But it is advised that a push-up bra shouldn’t be worn daily as it could damage breast tissues due to constant pressure. A college-going student can own one pair and could wear these on special occasions such as during her college fests and ethnic days.

4. Nykaa Fashion – Jockey Multicolored Bikini Panties

best innerwear for women for parties gym & college

Bikini panties are one of the most common styles of underwear that almost everyone owns. They are fine to wear under everything. In addition, these panties provide comfort and ample coverage. Jockey uses anti-microbial properties that allow the body to breathe through the fabric.

The use of combed cotton fabric also ensures that there are fewer chances of rashes, itching, and discomfort. The light colors of the fabric make it easy to maintain and wash.

Bikini Panties offer decent coverage without compromising on style so, this would be the perfect choice for a college student.

5. Myntra – Max Cotton Hipster Briefs

Hipster Panties

Everyone knows the famous Max Fashion brand for its range of reasonable prices and thousands of styles. Started in the Middle East and then expanded to other countries and even to India, Max Fashions is a trustworthy brand name.

Their collection of innerwear is a must check for their style, comfort, and super affordable prices. What more can a student ask for?

These Cotton Hipster briefs from their range are a top seller and a favorite among many. As they hug the hips, they provide full coverage as well. An added advantage is the double-layered gusset which functions to absorb any discharge. This acts as a protective layering and is very helpful for a student who may be in a rush and isn’t prepared.

Best Gym-Going Innerwear For Females

Being active and working out is an important activity in one’s lifestyle. Working out induces a lot of sweat and body odor. A lot of movement also takes place resulting in heavy friction on the body.

Two things are important when choosing inner sportswear for women. The elasticity or flexibility of the innerwear and the material used. These factors would help give comfort to the woman and additionally avoid mishaps while working out.

Check out these inner sportswear brands before you make your next purchase.

1. Decathlon – Cardio Fitness Sports Bra

best innerwear for women for parties gym & college

French brand Decathlon is one of the top sports equipment brands known worldwide for its variety and reasonable pricing.

The Cardio Fitness Sports Bra comes with a muscle-back design with adjustable straps. This makes it useful with high-impact workouts and exercises.

Its high neckline means full coverage that would avoid any chance of breast spillage. Supported by padding, it provides good shape to the figure. The fabric is also breathable and dries moisture quickly, so, you don’t have to worry much if you sweat a lot.

Decathlon offers a wide range of collections to suit every woman’s needs so you can check out their website for more options.

2. Enamor – High Impact Sports Bra

Enamor Sports Bra

Enamor is a trusted Indian brand by many women. They have a good collection of activewear and this Sports Bra is one among their top-selling products. The plus point is that it is available in many sizes so women of all shapes and sizes can find one suitable for them.

Made with special wick fabric, it absorbs moisture and keeps sweat at bay. It is easy to wear and has a front zipper with a secure lock to provide full closure and coverage. The racerback look also adds to the sporty style and enhances the fashion.

The seamless padding of the bra also provides extra support and gives a smooth look when worn under a T-Shirt.

3. Koovs – One/Zero Color Block Padded Sports Bra

Koovs Active Wear

Fashionable, Trendy, and Modern. These are words that best describe the online Indian brand, KOOVS’, style. They cater to the younger population and have a wide range of fashion clothing in the quirkiest of designs. If you’re looking for some activewear that doubles as stylish and contemporary, KOOVS is the one for you.

The One/Zero collection is carefully designed to provide comfort while still being in trend. The removable padding adds extra relief for the woman when working out. Its collection is known to run true to size and gives a bodycon fit. This is especially helpful in the case of sports and activewear where a lot of movement and high impact takes place.

The firm support provided by the bra makes sure that there is a lesser chance of bounce and jiggle. The material uses poly-spandex which provides good flexibility and elasticity. This also reduces the chances of wear and tear. During scrolling down you will get more details on best innerwear for women for parties gym & college.

4. Zivame – Zelocity High Impact Sports Bra

Zivame Active Wear best innerwear for women for parties gym & college

Zivame’s collection of innerwear for sports is also highly recommended. The brand Zelocity by Zivame provides, especially for sports and activewear.

This sports bra is designed to give coverage at the sides and neckline. This is helpful to prevent bounces during high-intensity workouts. The padding provides ample nipple coverage. The material used is very soft and breathable for the skin.

The compressed design gives a good fit and shape to the figure. The bra has an added feature of a rib movement band that allows the woman to breathe freely. The wick material also makes the bra instantly dry, so there is no worry of sweat and moisture seeping through.

5. Nykaa Fashion – Jockey Boy Leg Briefs

best innerwear for women for parties gym & college

With over 140 years of expertise in underwear, Jockey is the definition of comfort. Using combed cotton, the fabric is breathable and easy to maintain. Boy briefs as mentioned earlier, provide full coverage. This is especially helpful to wear during workout sessions.

The boy briefs would be suitable to wear under sports leggings or even shorts when working out. Since some exercises involve a lot of leg movement, boy briefs would act as a protective layer while providing full coverage.

The solid colors of the brief also make it suitable to wear with almost any sports bra. The only con is that it won’t be useful to wear during your periods as your pads won’t line up well with the design used for boy leg briefs.

Women’s Innerwear For Winter

Innerwear is the closest layer of clothing that touches your bare skin. Having said that, innerwear should be suitable for all seasons. You can wear most of your innerwear throughout the year, without changing much.

However, if you live in extremely cold regions where temperatures drop drastically, you could also keep a few sets of innerwear used especially for the winters.

When looking for suitable innerwear for the winter season, give importance to the extra warmth and heat retention capacity of the clothing.

Listed below are some good choices for innerwear during the winter season.

1. Enamor – Invisible Neckline High Coverage Padded Bra

Padded Bra

This bra style designed and sold by Enamor is especially useful to wear during the winter season for three main reasons. The padding, material used, and area of coverage.

During the cold season, when temperatures drop, our nipples tend to firm and show through the clothing we wear. Wearing padded bras not only solves this problem but also acts as an extra layer that can provide warmth to the body.

The material, polyamide, used to manufacture this bra traps heat, unlike cotton which, during summers, releases heat. This ensures that the body heat stays within and doesn’t escape, making the person feel warm.

The high coverage feature of the bra means it covers more surface area. And keeps it warm, adding to the benefit of this bra design. It comes under best innerwear for women for parties gym & college.

2. Forever 21 – Seamless Bralette

Full Coverage Bra

As the images show, the Seamless Bralette from Forever 21 covers a large surface area of the skin. This acts as a heat retention design. In addition, the material used is Nylon which also traps heat to keep you warm. Its modern and trendy design means that it is also favorable for the younger group of women.

This particular style is quite simple. However, Forever 21 has more trendy options in a wide range and is quite popular worldwide. Check out their website for more options that could suit your needs.

3. Forever 21 – Crochet Bikini Bottoms

best innerwear for women for parties gym & college

Another one from the Forever 21 collection is this Crochet Bikini Panty. As we all may know quite well, crochet and knitted fabrics can keep you warm. This is common with knitted sweaters and blankets.

Forever 21 has taken the trend to a new level and has come up with the crocheted innerwear collection.

Even with all the tiny holes, crocheted fabrics are the best insulators and keep you feeling warm the entire day. However, it might not be the most practical option in terms of protectiveness.

As it comes in a set with matching tops available to complete the look, you don’t have to worry about wearing mismatched innerwear.

Crochet bras, bralettes, and underwear are also an upcoming trend among many small-business fashion stores. One can even check them out to support them.

4. Clovia – Boy Leg Panties

best innerwear for women for parties gym & college

Clovia takes the win for the most variety available within its collection. This set of Boy Leg panties from the brand are a must-have if you live in cold regions.

The length and coverage of the panties mean more area is protected from the harsh cold weather. An added feature of this panty is the extra cotton lining near the crotch designed to give you protection and keep you in good hygiene.

Boy Leg panties are multi-use and are suitable not only to wear during winters. They are also worn under school uniforms, skirts and dresses, and even as sportswear as mentioned previously.

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Conclusion on best innerwear for women for parties gym & college

When you worry about what kinds of innerwear you need to buy, or you just want a wardrobe makeover. These pointers are sure to help you pick the right kinds of innerwear for your needs.

As long as you pick the right sizes and styles best suited for you, you are good to go.

It is also advisable to change your innerwear every six to eight months or whenever you start to notice wear and tear in the clothing.

I hope best innerwear for women for parties gym & college solved your confusion. Let me know your views in comment box.


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