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10+Best Kay beauty Eye Cosmetics Review & Price

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Every girl loves doing makeup, especially when it comes to applying cosmetics to our eyes. Eye cosmetics include a range of beauty products like kajal, mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadows. In earlier times, the women made organic kajal at home and applied it on an everyday basis.

Over the years, there was a huge revolution in the sphere of eye cosmetics. Now we have both waterproof and smudge-proof eyeliners, colorful eye pencils and so many shimmering colors on our eye shadow pallet. Moreover, now there are so many styles of applying cosmetics on your eye, which can give you different looks like smoky eyes, cat-eye look and so many more.

The best part is that all the beautiful eye cosmetics I am going to talk about here are from the best pan-India brand Kay beauty. It was launched in partnership with Nykaa by one of the most celebrated actresses Katrina Kaif. Kay beauty has a beautiful range of colorful eyeshadow, liquid eyeliners, and other cosmetics as well.


Being using them personally, I can tell you that their products are easy to use and completely irritation-free. All the products are made from natural ingredients. It has been almost one year that this brand was launched, but the growing popularity among users for its vivid variety of products is proof that Kay’s beauty is now the best cosmetic brand in India.

The brand includes all the required basics for a perfect cosmetic experience. What I like is that they have great options for colors to choose from. As and as you will come across these beautiful products from Kay’s beauty, you will yourself explore the best cosmetics.

Moreover, it is the festive season. Every individual has both the right and an opportunity to get ready at their best. To glam up your festive celebration, these cruel-free eye cosmetics are a perfect drama to your perfect traditional look.

Without any further delay let’s check out the best of products you can buy for this festive season. 


More than 10 reasons are there, to fall in love with this super classic Kay beauty eyeliner. Liquid eyeliner is something that I apply on daily basis. It defines your eyes beautifully and adds some additional style to your daily eye cosmetic wear.

Because eyeliners are so important for everyday cosmetics, you need to buy the best product from the best brand. And trust me, kay beauty eyeliners are beyond extraordinary. They look simple and like any other basic eyeliners. But I guess it’s the simplicity f the product’s body which attracted me, and so will it attract you.

Best Kay beauty Eye cosmetics


  • What is the main thing every woman looks for in a liquid eyeliner? Is it smudge-proof? Waterproof? Kay beauty liquid eyeliner has it all. In addition to that, it is transfer-proof as well.
  • Most waterproof liquid eyeliners make your skin dry. But this eyeliner is enriched with cool Chamomile and Eucalyptus extracts. Therefore, you and I both can wear it for a good number of hours without any mention of hydration.
  • Dramatically defined eyes are just a step away! The unique Flexi-tip applicator gives you plenty of grips to keep your hand sturdy.
  • Eyeliners are 100 percent cruel free and paraben-free.
  • Coming to the most important part, kay beauty eyeliners are available in 8 different colors.
  • You can buy it from Nykaa for Rs.499


  1. A variety of beautiful colors to choose from. On top of that, all colors are equally cool.
  2. The biggest advantage of all kay beauty eye cosmetics is that they are waterproof and smudge-proof.
  3. Easy to apply with once stroke as it has a Flexi-tip applicator.


  1. You might be allergic to Chamomile or Eucalyptus. Before the final application, you must take a patch test by drawing a stroke in your hand. If the applied skin area shows no reaction, you are safe to use.
  2. This product is relatively costlier compared to other eye cosmetics brand. Still, it is worth your money.

Shopping confusion? We have an A to Z solution.


Kajal or a Kohl has the highest importance from ancient times in the field of eye cosmetics. It is applied as an underline in the lower part of our eyes. 

According to me, Kajal gives the best Indian look for any traditional outlook. Just like how we underlined important facts while reading so that our views directly go towards it. Similarly, Kajal makes our eyes look attractive and catchy.

Our eyes are of any color, a simple dark kajal is something which every girl carries around. I have personally disliked applying kajal every now and then because they easily got rubbed off. But Kay’s beauty kajal is worth all your money.

It is intense, dark, and simple. Therefore, the best. 

Best Kay beauty Eye cosmetics


  • Kay beauty kajal sticks to your eyes for the entire day, sunrise to sunset, and even beyond. With one single application, you can attend your yoga classes, as well as go on a date.
  • It is darker than the color black. Made with 100 percent natural ingredients like Chamomile and Ceramide, the kajal is perfect go whenever you wish to create a drama with your eyes.
  • Let your nourished and beautiful eyes do every talk. As kay beauty eye kajal cosmetics is completely waterproof and smudge-proof.
  • Moreover, you don’t need to worry that the tip will come off. Because you can use it very comfortably with a slim twist-up casing.
  • Hurry and make this supreme kajal yours only at Rs.212


  1. Kay’s beauty kajal gives you a super black bold finish. Suitable for every occasion like family gatherings, or social gatherings.
  2. This kajal is enough for all the drama you seek. You wouldn’t require additional eye cosmetics.
  3. Made with natural ingredients and is vegan. In addition to that, this product is cruelty-free.


  1. You might be allergic to Chamomile or Ceramide. Before the final application, you must take a patch test by drawing a stroke in your hand. If the applied skin area shows no reaction, you are safe to use.


What enhances your perfect eye makeup? It is the eye shadows. Although, conventionally we all use powder-based eye shadows. Sometimes the cakes break, sometimes the brush bristles hurt. One solution to all our problems is the new styled eyeshadow stick from Kay’s beauty.

Not only I love the wonderful shimmering colors, but also the texture of these eye cosmetics which sticks for a good number of hours. These metallic shades perfect for party wear and festive wear. Moreover, Diwali is coming so gift yourself this wonderful metallic eyeshadow stick and celebrate the festival with style.

Best Kay beauty Eye cosmetics


  • Kay beauty metallic eye shadow sticks are available in 12 bold shades. It is a unique eye cosmetic with the technology of powder to the cream base.
  • Your eyes will look very trendy and catchy. The color sticks to your eyelid for 24 hours. Moreover, it is smudge-proof and waterproof.
  • Enriched with academia oil and ceramide, this eyeshadow stick is handy and easy to carry around.
  • Forget about eyeshadow pallets which you required to keep secure every now and then Kay beauty eye cosmetics are hassle-free and easy to apply.
  • Buy one shade of eyeshadow stick for Rs. 509


  1. Unique and more useful than the conventional eyeshadow cake pallets. Easy to use and doesn’t require special eyeshadow applicator or eyeshadow brushes. 
  2. The biggest advantage of all kay beauty eye cosmetics is that they are waterproof and smudge-proof.
  3. It is as easy as coloring with a crayon. Consider your eyes as your canvas and you as an artist.


  1. The metallic colors are too flashy and bright. You might look too attractive for official gatherings.
  2. You might be allergic to academia oil or ceramide.


Our eyelashes are usually thin, but mascara makes it look for long and more volume. This adds a very enchanting side to our normal eye makeup look. For the best possible results from mascara, the best mascara is required.

Clearly, kay beauty jet black mascara is the best which will make your pretty eyelashes look even longer and volumized. You wouldn’t even require to stick an additional pair of eyelashes. As your eyes will already look dramatic enough


  • It will give you extra-long exaggerated eyelashes every time you wear it. Unlike other mascaras, it does not cause any sort of irritation or chemical side effects.
  • The dense bristle applicator perfectly curls your lashes from roots to tip without causing any clamps. Moreover, the jet black color gives a perfectly dramatic and intense eye makeup look.
  • You don’t need to worry that your eyelashes will get stiffed by wearing this mascara for a prolonged period of time. It is infused with honey which leaves your eyelashes nourished and aids in their growth.
  • Double bonanza! This mascara not only helps your eye look beautiful, but also makes it healthy as it contains natural ingredients.
  • You can buy this wonderful mascara from the Nykaa store for Rs.719.


  1. Perfect finished results with one application. The mascara makes your eyelashes look both long and voluminous. 
  2. The biggest advantage of all kay beauty eye cosmetics is that they are waterproof and smudge-proof.
  3. Unlike other eye cosmetics, it is infused with natural ingredients like honey. 


  1. This is a disadvantage of almost every mascara, your eyelashes could remain sticky for a longer duration. It is suggested that you thoroughly clean it after occasions.


Smokey looks are the new trend these days. No! don’t mistake it for a smudged look. Smokey eyes mean more intense and bolder defined eyes which look intense. You can get a perfect pair of smokey eyes by using the darkest of eye cosmetics. 

Smokey eyes make you look more prominent and stan-out among the entire crowd. All you need to know is the perfect way to apply this art. Usually, you can get it by applying a double layer of kajal in the lower lid of your eyes. But it may become too thick and then you may not get the desired look.

Therefore Kay’s beauty has come up with this exclusive eye cosmetic, especially for a smokey look with a bigger radius of the kajal stick. It gives you perfectly finished black eyes by which you can create all the drama you want.

Best Kay beauty Eye cosmetics


  • Get everyone’s attention and admiration you seek with kay beauty’s high dramatic smokey eye kajal. This kajal is a perfect combination with kay beauty nude lipstick especially for occasions like office meetings.
  • The kajal stick comes in with a built-in smudger, which automatically gets you the perfect thickness required. Moreover, this kajal is 100 percent waterproof. So simply apply it once, and forget it for the rest of the day.
  • There are many more reasons for you to love this wonderful kajal. it contains natural ingredients like Ceramide and Chamomile.
  • You can get a perfect smokey eye look with one glide. It is easy to use and can be effortlessly applied.
  • Buy this wonderful kajal for Rs.509 from


  1. Kay’s beauty smokey eye kajal comes with a special built-in smudger. This will give you a more fascinating smokey appearance.
  2. It is styled such that it is easy to grip and hold.
  3. The biggest advantage of all kay beauty eye cosmetics is that they are waterproof and smudge-proof.


  1. At times smokey look can look bad if it spreads too much. take caution that you don’t overdo your eye makeup.
  2. You might be allergic to Chamomile or Ceramide. Before the final application, you must take a patch test by drawing a stroke in your hand. If the applied skin area shows no reaction, you are safe to use.


When talking about eye cosmetics and eye makeup, how can we forget the show stopper- the eyebrows! Many of us think that eyebrow makeup doesn’t play a symbolic role in the entire eye makeup. But you are wrong my dear, just like I was before. Because when we apply makeup, we do so for two purposes. Firstly, to look beautiful and presentable. Secondly, to highlight and enhance the wonderful god-gifted features. 

Therefore, even when we simply apply a dramatic kay beauty kajal, the attention of everybody automatically shifts towards the way your eyes talk. Your body language in the field of cooperates is not only judged by the body postures. It is also judged by your facial expressions and eye movement.

When it comes to facial expressions, your every feature gets noticed. And that is why eyebrow makeup also plays a significant role in highlighting your beauty. Hence, kay beauty has come up with this wonderful brow pencil.


  • Beautify your wonderful eyebrows with this wonderful brow pencil by kay beauty. You can apply it easily with one stroke. It is available in 3 beautiful shades that go with any Indian skin tone.
  • It is both unique and exclusive as it is an eye cosmetic with powder to pencil formula.
  • The tip of the pencil is ultra-fine, which can be easily sharpened whenever required. It gives you the perfect natural finish. Your beautiful eyebrows would seem to be unapplied by an eye cosmetic.
  • The brow pencil is enriched with Algin. It nourishes your tiny hairs. Moreover, it gives an ancient eye makeup texture that mimics small hair adding more volume to your eyebrows.
  • The best thing which I love about this eye cosmetics is that it easily glides and is very smooth to use.
  •  Make it yours at just Rs.509.


  1. Kay’s beauty eyebrow sticks provide an excellent alternative to conventional powder-based brow powders.
  2. It is easy to use and apply. You wouldn’t require special brushes or compact powder cakes for perfect eye makeup.
  3. Kay’s beauty brow pencils are available in beautiful 3 shades. So go grab for yourself now.


  1. This brow pencil needs to be maintained properly. Also, you would have to sharpen it from time to time. Otherwise, a blunt end won’t give you the perfect eye makeup finish.
  2. It contains aligns. make sure you are not allergic to align. 


We are done talking about the metallic eyeshadow stick. But for daily wear, every person like you and me seek a matte finish. Therefore, I suggest you use this wonderful kay beauty matte eye shadow stick. 

In addition to this, the eyeshadow stick is easy to apply which gives you a hassle-free makeup experience. 

Best Kay beauty Eye cosmetics


  • This product is a unique cream to powder formula that blends well even with the fingertip.
  • Once applied, the color on your eyelids stays for a good number of hours. The compact size of the stick makes it easy to carry around anywhere anytime.
  • The eyeshadow stick is both waterproof and smudge-proof. Moreover, it gives you the best matte finish compared to powdered-based eyeshadows.
  • The shadow stick not only makes your eyelid beautiful, it also nourishes it. This kay beauty eye cosmetics is enriched with macadamia oil and ceramide.
  • It is available in 8 different matte shades. You can buy it from Nykaa at Rs.509 


  1. These wonderful matte eyeshadow sticks are available in super cool supreme basic colors. Unlike metallic eye shadow sticks, they are suttle are suitable for all occasions. Not too light, not too dark- just the perfect amount of required shade.
  2. Unlike the conventional powder cake-based eyeshadows, it easy to apply because of its pencil style. You can carry it around wherever you go.


  1. You might be allergic to macadamia or ceramide oil. Before the final application, you must take a patch test by drawing a stroke in your hand. If the applied skin area shows no reaction, you are safe to use.

Are you looking for the best reviews on the best beauty products?


The wonderful exciting range of dramatic eye kajal from kay beauty does not merely end on smoky kajal. kay beauty has wonderfully combined the dark color of kajal and the uniqueness of gel base in one kay beauty eye cosmetics. This kajal is one of the most high-rated products in the entire kay beauty eye makeup series. 

What makes it even more efficient is that it is 100 percent paraben-free and a cruelty-free product. The key advantages make it something which is a must-have in every girl’s closet. So what are you waiting for? Buy it now from


  • The kajal stays for up to 24 hours. Moreover, it can neither be smudged nor be removed via water. So be carefree and create drama wherever you go wearing this kajal.
  • Every stroke you make will glide smoothly and provide you the best gel finish. This kajal is the best for the cat-eye look and it easy to use.
  • What makes it even more wonderful is that it is enriched with natural ingredients like Chamomile and ceramide. 
  • This kajal can be yours at just Rs.383


  1. The advanced gel technology gives you a smooth finish with one stroke. Therefore, it is very easy to apply.
  2. The gel also enables the black color of the kajal to look more intense and dark. this gives you a super black finish like a professional.


  1. This kajal is comparatively costlier than kajal from other brands.
  2. In addition to that, make sure you are not allergic to chamomile and ceramide.


Every makeup product, especially when it comes to eye cosmetics you buy must-have natural ingredients. Also, as the demand for smudge-proof and waterproof eye cosmetics are more, you must look for the one which is both hydrating and nourishing.

Secondly, buying eye cosmetics is both risky and exciting. Exciting because you will be available with a number of options in the market. And risky because the eye is a sensitive organ of our body. Therefore, we need to buy only the safe ones which are chemical-free.

I have tried a number of eye cosmetics. Some caused me irritation and some completely dried up my eyelids. But kay beauty has the best range of eye cosmetics. I have personally tested and reviewed all products. It gives you a guaranteed satisfaction level and you will like to buy it further.

So dear reader here is the complete shopping solution to the best eye cosmetic you can buy this festive season. Don’t be shy and always shine. If you happen to buy any of the above-mentioned products, let us know how was your experience. Also, if you liked our review article kindly ping us in the comment section. Like us on Facebook and Pinterest. You can even write to us with other suggestions or ideas you would like to read for the next article.


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