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Best Kindle Unlimited Books Romance and Thriller is the best example that proves Technology has no boundaries. Just like our thoughts. In short, The talent is intact but the way we acknowledge has changed in many ways.


Speaking of which “Kindle Edition”. Everything’s digital in today’s world. From Rupee to Lillopop everything you can get directly to your halls without moving an inch. All you need is a phone or a laptop to order it.

A Kindle Edition is exactly the same copy of a book but in a digital form. In short with no physical form. Either you catch the drift and surf among the waves or you just end sinking in the ocean of Technology.

Today we are discussing the Best Kindle Unlimited Books Romance and Thriller and the premise of every book.

Best Kindle Unlimited Books Romance And Thriller

Romance, the thing that held people together. Intimacy is something that lets people share their hearts out without expressing much. The eyes speak in these sections instead of Mouths. Who doesn’t want to read a Book about romance especially when they are on a journey to meet their Loved ones? But a book inside a bag makes it much more weight to carry. So instead, you can read it on your phone while you keep checking the wallpaper of your loved ones once in a while.

best kindle unlimited books

Here are the 6 Best Kindle Unlimited Books Romance and Thriller of all time.


It’s crazy how fast the buzz comes back after you’ve been sober for so long.

best kindle unlimited books

Whiskey stood there, on my doorstep, just like he had one year before. Except for this time, there was no rain, no anger, no wedding invitation — it was just us.

Even though this is just about A Bottle of Whiskey resting inside a glittering bottle niched into the walls of the house. This still stirs up your emotional quotients to the next level.
A Struggle that held the writer for being sober for good numbers of years just by writing g more like expressing things instead of consuming them.

It’s more a metaphor for how Whiskey makes you feel. It’s imagery. No alcoholic, and a nickname for the Hero.

A Lover letter evolved from the deep hearts of the writer with just a tiny bit of hope that someday it will hear his heart out.

With a rating of 4.31/5, A Love Letter to Whiskey by Kandi Steiner is one of the most acclaimed and most-read Romave Book sin recent times.

A True epitome of Love & Passion that exhilarates from Person To Person. Instead, it spreads all around including things, objects, etc.

Also, this is the first thing that popped into my mind when I heard the word Best Kindle Unlimited Books Romance and Thriller.


A Big Suprise to many who read books very often. The inclusion of Darkness Lurks By J.L Drake is a surprise for me too. But if we did deeper right the ned. we can clearly see the book Asian amalgamation of the fine amount of Romance and Suspense.

best kindle unlimited books thriller and romance

The Story

Emily a college student, has a stalker that is threatening her life, having no real family to turn to, her dad died and her mom thinks more about her career than her daughter. She turns to her friends for help. Seth, a police officer and one of her best friends steps up to help.
You feel sorry for Emily as not only did she have this stalker to contend with, her mom was one selfish individual and if she did not have her friends, she would be completely alone to face this attack. Whilst it is Emily and Seth’s attraction is obvious to everyone else, one could understand the apprehension for them to commit. Would they lose their friendship? Could Seth protect her if they were romantically involved?

The strongest relationship in the book was between Seth and Garrett the interaction between them as they were more like brothers than partners. This makes you believe that secretly Garrett is in love with Emily.
This book is full of suspense and will keep you hooked. With the action building it leaves you with a cliffhanger, but don’t worry book 2 is already out.

A good read and a real page-turner.

I assure you that this one’s going to move you to the core.

With a rating of 4.2/5, The Darkness Lurks by J.L Drake is one f the most underrated highly indicating Suspense Romance that will give you a better experience than many of the other highly praises book lists of yours.


A Triangle Lover Complicated Story filled with a bunch of Romantic episodes and dreadful affiliations.

best kindle unlimited books

If the folder on your phone is still waiting for something to fill up the Best Romance Book Coloum this is the one.
Tiffany Snow did such a great job with this book. I love her writing style. She offers something just a little different in the Romantic Suspense genre and I was immediately sucked into the story. The characters were great and the plot was filled with twists and turns and the romantic element was amazing!

Kathleen Turner is a runner for a law firm and while it isn’t that ideal job, it is just her stepping stone for something bigger. Though there were times when I found her a tad frustrating, I loved that she is fearless, feisty, and funny. I also loved that she was unknowingly sexy and beautiful.

Blane Kirk is a high ranking lawyer, at the said firm, and mmmm he is hot! He is definitely sexy as hell too. He has a reputation for having a “flavor of the month” when it comes to women and when you meet him you will know why!

Kade Dennon is Blane’s brother. There is just something about him that I love but I can’t put my finger on it. He has a natural sex appeal that sucked me in. He is gorgeous, sexy, and a bit intense.

When Kathleen finds her neighbor and friend murdered, her life quickly changes and she finds herself in a bit of a problem which leads to a bit of a predicament that will bring her, Blane, and Kade together. The craziness that takes place will make you stretch the feet out of anxiety.

Rating of No Turning Back by Tiffany Snow:

With a Rating of 4.17, The Book No Turning Back will help you view the feeling Love from a whole different perspective that can help you clart out the mismatches in your Relationship.
Not only do we get a mystery, but the romance in the book makes it all that much better. The chemistry between Kathleen (Kat) and Blane was undeniable and when they finally got together it was rather steamy! But hold on a second. Kade definitely leaves Kathleen with feelings that she doesn’t know what to do with. There were a few moments between the two of them that was sensuous and left me a feeling a bit flustered.

This isn’t your typical love triangle though. No one is cheating on anyone but the connection that each of these men has with Kathleen is real. I am definitely interested in seeing how this will all play out.

It will aid you to get a better understanding of the relationship and everyone in this world needs that right now.


Scooching right on to the category of Romance affiliated with Suspense. Her Last Goodbye is one of those very few intriguing thrillers that lets you experience certain emotions that are rational, mixed once and all.

best kindle unlimited books romance

Her Last Goodbye was an outstanding continuation of the Morgan Dane series with wonderful characters and a thrilling plot that never lets up.


When Chelsea Clark leaves her house to meet a friend for a drink, she never arrives and appears to have simply vanished. Her husband is adamant Chelsea would never leave their two small children and hires Morgan Dane to find his wife. Morgan believes something terrible must have happened to Chelsea and is determined to find her. The deeper Morgan and Lance get into their investigation, the more dangerous it becomes and when Morgan’s family is put in danger, Morgan is more determined than ever to solve the case.

After only returning to work recently, Morgan is still having some difficulties adjusting to working full time as well as the fact she’s no longer a prosecutor. She struggles with the fact her clients may not always be innocent, but knows she ultimately needs to trust her gut when it comes to choosing clients. Morgan does let her experiences as a mother color her opinion of Chelsea’s disappearance and has a hard time believing a mother would abandon her children. Morgan is fiercely protective of her children and is willing to do anything to protect them. She is physically capable of defending herself and people have a habit of underestimating her abilities.

Her Last Goodbye gives a tough fight at the list of Best Kindle Unlimited Books Romance and Thriller

Lance struggles with the case as it brings up memories of his father’s disappearance 23 years ago and he has a hard time separating the two in his mind resulting in him becoming overly invested in the case. Lance and Morgan have grown close fairly quickly and Lance has become very close to her family as well. Despite his instinct to protect Morgan, he knows she can handle herself and tries not to interfere or take things over which I appreciated.


With a rating of 4.26/5, The Last Goodbye by the Infamous Newyork’s Journal Bestselling author Melinda Leigh is a must-read.

Several side characters that appeared in the first book show up again in this one. Lance’s mother returns to assist with the technical aspects of their case. Sharp, Lance’s boss at the PI firm, returns to help out with the case as well as lend encouragement to Lance regarding his relationship with Morgan. Morgan’s family of course plays a central role with her youngest daughter being my favorite with her suspicion of her mother’s new relationship. Finally, there are two adorable dogs who make a few appearances to round out the crew.

Her Last Goodbye picks up roughly a month or so after the first book in the series Say You’re Sorry. When Morgan, Lance, and Sharp are hiring to locate Chelsea Clark. They are told by her husband, that the police thought she either left of her own accord or he had something to do with her disappearance. As they begin their investigation, there is resistance from the sheriff’s office as the sheriff doesn’t like outsiders. Butting into his cases plus he dislikes Lance and Sharp due to his history with their former chief. There are a few twists in the case I didn’t see coming and I liked that the author didn’t go for the obvious route on what happened to Chelsea.

Her Last Goodbye will end up as a very enjoyable read and I’m excited to see what Morgan gets up to in the next book. I definitely recommend this series to anyone looking for romantic suspense books with a heavier emphasis on the thriller aspect.

One can’t skip the list of Best Kindle Unlimited Books Romance and Thriller without mentioning this one.



The V Girl is possibly the most heart-wrenching, stomach-wrenching and, if that even makes sense, a steamiest panty-wrenching book I read in years, possibly ever.

best kindle unlimited books

The end feels like It’s brutal, sexy, addictive, and completely unique. A subtle mix of variant feelings. Imagine getting a mix of feelings of despair and love of Hopeless.

The Story Line:

Set in post-apocalyptic America, The V Girl illustrates a society where rape is not only legal but excepted. In her awesome debut, Mya Robarts crafts a unique story with unforgettable characters and tackles heavy topics effortlessly and with maturity.
At times, ‘The V Girl’ is difficult to read. Not because there are graphic scenes (which there are…so, beware) but because of the world these characters that you come to know and love life in such a brutal society where consent is something of the past. And always in the back of my head as I was reading this is that this life is the norm for these people. There is something disillusioning about that and frankly terrifying.

Lila’s ’emergency deflowering’ is not the only aspect of this book. ‘The V Girl’ has many different aspects to it: War, fighting for your freedom, love, the society of the world. It’s utterly addictive and everyone who reads the original version will need more.
‘The V Girl’ is about changing your own destiny, fighting for your rights, falling in love in such desperate times, and what it means to be human.
It’s dark, unique, and addictive.


With a Rating of 4.02/5, The V Gil is not everyone’s cup of tea. But the one who loves the book can not get out of the World.

Best Kindle Unlimited Books Romance and Thriller is always incomplete without the V Girl.

A Highly influential, Thought-provoking, disturbing tale.



The Silent Waters by Brittainy C. Cherry is one of those highly underrated romantic new adult tales that will glue your eyes up to the end.

best kindle unlimited books

When it comes down to it, that’s what all our lives are made of. A collection of moments. And a single moment can forever change your life… The Silent Waters is the story of Maggie Riley and Brooks Griffin’s moments. All the important moments in their lives, the other was a part of. It started when they were kids. A childhood romance turned into a lifelong friendship, turned into so much more.

The Story Line:

On the day that Maggie and Brooks are supposed to have their “wedding” in the forest, Brooks is late. A ten-year-old Maggie goes into the forest that day but is never the same again. What happened in the forest leaves her traumatized and her fear imprisons her.
The events of that day will have a ripple effect on everyone in Maggie’s life. Guilt and “what-ifs” slowly eat away at the people Maggie cares about the most, damaging relationships and fostering resentment. Yet, Brooks’ dedication to her is steadfast.

Over the years, life takes different characters down different paths. The dynamics of relationships change. Some grow stronger, some fade away. Old ghosts still linger, until the truth comes out so many years later.

This is a book that should be experienced. It is sentimental and emotional, but so worth it. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a heartfelt, well-developed, slow-burn romance. This story is fantastic!


With a rating of 4.38/5, The Silent Waters is one of the lot suspenseful Romantic books that you will ever read.

Brittainy C. Cherry delivers yet another novel that will tug at your emotions the entire read. With her unique and endearing sense of humor, truly unforgettable quotes, and heart-racing plot, this book made for a great read. The heroine and hero are introduced as young children and their banter was fabulous!

I hope the list of these 7 Highly-Anticipated Romance/Suspense/Thriller Books will Help you with choosing what to Read? instead of What to pick to read?

Must read book review


Best Kindle Unlimited Books

Just a reminder. Just cause we add a Kindle before the Nook that doesn’t make the significance of a book any less. It the same book but with no physical form and also specially mentioning very easy to carry.

best kindle unlimited books

As we have gone through the Be4st Kindle Unlimited Books Romance and Thriller. Its time to check out some of the few other Books without biasing them on their Genres.

7. HELL ON WHEELS by Julie Ann Walker-

Hell on Wheels is the first book in the Black Knights, Inc. series and author Julie Ann Walker’s debut novel. It’s fun, sexy, and fast-paced, and kept me guessing as to the ‘who, what, why, and how’ right to the very end.

best kindle unlimited books kindle

In Hell On Wheels, we have an intense and thrilling romance that Julie Ann Walker introduces us to. It sets off with Ali being attacked, and she feels she has no choice but go to the only people that her brother Grigg considered family, the Black Knights. Now the Black Knights are a group of ex-military men, who go on special op missions for the government. They do what needs to be done and take orders from high up the chain.

They are still trying to recover from the loss of their own, Grigg who along with Nate was captured and tortured. Nate still bears quite a load of guilt from what happened especially since he couldn’t save his closest friend. Nate is a hero you just want to hug. He is a bit withdrawn from the others, very brood. The story is pretty intense at times and what everyone admires about this book was the plot. I love a good romantic suspense, and Walker did a fabulous job with this one. The development and the intrigue that the reader is introduced to. We also get to see the commodore between the members of the Black Knights.

With a rating of 3.93/5 Hell On Wheels by Julie Ann Walker is one of that War Based Romantic Thriller we are very rare and can’t be missed.

8. DIRTY ENGLISH By Isla Madden:

Dirty English is a FIGHTING ROMANCE lover’s dream! With a tattoo fighting bad boy and a broken heroine, this is one read you won’t want to miss!

best kindle unlimited books 2020

Elizabeth Bennett is an intelligent hard-working college student striving to overcome her upbringing. Straight out of the trailer park, she has managed to secure a scholarship at a prestigious university. Other than her two best friends, she avoids relationships like the plague. Facing the demons of her past, she has distracted herself with meaningless sex. Driven by order and meticulous planning, Elizabeth is just going through the motions of life. As she unpacks her life in her new apartment, she discovers that her new neighbor is tall, dark, and appealing

When Elizabeth ventures out to a Fraternity party, she meets Declan. Although the attraction is immediate, Declan doesn’t view Elizabeth as an “easy lay”! Elizabeth does everything in her power to get her “bad boy” neighbor between the sheets. Declan weighs down by his ex-girlfriend and fears that he will only hurt Elizabeth. Elizabeth is battling the connection she feels with Declan when her past slams into her like a tsunami. Can Declan and Elizabeth find a way to overcome their pasts and find a future together?

Ibetv you couldn’t resist especially with me hanging the plot right at the turning point.

So why to mess up your mind so find the book and have a read.

With a rating of 3.94/5, The Dirty English by Isla Madden is a coming age teenage story filled with contemporary resolutions and academic atmosphere all over.


9 THE PAPER SWAN By Leylah Attar:

The story begins with Skye Dedgewick being kidnapped. She is an heiress, so her first reaction is to think she was kidnapped for money. Skye soon learns that the kidnapping goes a lot further than monetary gain.

best kindle unlimited books thriller

Damian Caballero is out for blood, but why? What makes someone this impassioned to go these great lengths to hurt another person. Skye and Damian have a different relationship, as you watch them both struggle with what they should do. Skye wants her freedom, Damian wants revenge, but it becomes a lot more difficult once things are revealed.

This book has a kidnapping trope and is definitely dark but not overly so. It focuses more on psychological and emotional aspects, I suppose, rather than descriptions of graphic violent scenes. I kind of appreciated that, because I’m not a huge fan of super dark and twisted.

The passion between Damian and Skye is truly a heart-stopper. Additionally, there are many life lessons to be discovered.
There is a pretty interesting back story involving two main characters and the book jumps between the past and the present.

With a Rating of 4.18/5, The Paper Swan is one of the highly intricating, breathtaking Romantic Thriller by Leylah Attar that leaves on a good note when read.



Scoring Wilder is a fast-paced, sweet new adult romance, giving us a heroine who charms with her quirky personality and determination to get a shot at the Olympics playing soccer, and a dashing hero who makes us swoon in the way only a sports player can.

best kindle unlimited books

Kinsley is easy to love from the moment she steps on-page and promptly kicks her cheating, prick-of-a boyfriend to the curb, never turning back and thankfully steering clear from wallowing in self-pity. She’s mindful of a new relationship but doesn’t hesitate in embracing her attraction with a dash of humor, bringing a smile to our faces with the interactions between her and Liam. While she does on occasion admit being emotionally hurt, she proves time and again that she’s no persecuted maiden—moving on and staying true to her passion for soccer even when she’s faced with difficult situations, from a vindictive teammate to the hounding media.

Liam is a charming hero, easily able to banter with Kinsley and grab hold of what he desires despite being romantically off-limits thanks to his job as her coach. Though he shows reluctance in getting involved with her in the beginning, he never comes across as disingenuous, and he easily earns our affections as he does Kinsley’s.

Despite the instant-lust, their romance adeptly develops. Later, resulting in a relationship that is equal parts endearing and deliciously sexy with the majority of the conflict lying outside rather than between them.

You do not want to feel adorable, happy, charming, and satisfies after reading a book right.

With a rating of 4.04, The Scoring Wilder helps to redeem you good laughing days by carrying you down the aisle of pat memories to cherish and feel nostalgic altogether. A  Must Watch.

11. MY SISTER’S GRAVE By Robert Dugoni:

Confessing right at the Top. My personal favorite and highly recommendable.

best kindle unlimited books thriller and romance

A Story that stretches about 20 years on the verge of bringing justice to her abducted Sister of Tracy. Tracy’s life goes upside down right from the day where her sister’s gone missing and he is the reason who led her travel on her own.

If you’re looking for a nail billing, a twisted thriller that will blow your mind at the end. This is not for you. My Sister’s Grave is a slow poison Emotional Thriller with the primary motive to let the readers connect with the characters and the trauma, not the plot or the twist.

When Tract finds her Sister’s body after 20 years of her abduction Tracy decides to hunt down the killer to do justice for the untimely death of her sister which later she blames on her subsequently.

A lot goes down the storyline including the reconciliation of Tracy with Crosswhite town, confrontation with characters, the tiff between the town’s sheriff & Tracy, etc…

In short, Twenty years ago, Tracy Crosswhite’s sister went missing. Since then, Tracy has become a detective. Though the rapist serving the period for her sister’s death, a body was never found, and Tracy has never felt certain that Edmund House was actually the killer.

When the local sheriff finds the body of an unidentified female, Tracy returns to the small town in Washington state where she grew up. There she works with a friend from college who is now a lawyer to go over the court case again to find any holes in it in an effort to make sure they have the right killer.

The Review

Also, Robert Dugoni was titled as “The Master of Legitimate Thrillers”. Well, that statement suffixes how the endeavor of yours through the book will feel like. Also, he owns a good number of books on the list of Best Kindle Unlimited Books Romance and Thriller

A Must watch for those who love to read about the Character’s journey and the revelations.

I Hope these 5 Classic Kindle editions will help you find Reliable books to read and to add to your most Favorite Books List.



Books are friends that we can’t afford to lose. The sacramental lifeless form that will help you to make the Life Beautiful.

The Concurrence Best Kindle Unlimited Books Romance and Thriller alongside the Best Kindle Unlimited Books are according to the reader’s ratings through the platform Goodreads.

Book or Phone or Laptop it doesn’t matter unless you chose to ignore them.  A Book In your house might sound a bit unaffordable but you can’t skip the reading part addressing the cost when you have the chance to surf over the net ton find the best Kindle editions all over the world.

I hope this article helped you in finding the Best Kindle Unlimited Books Romance and Thriller also the Best Kindle Unlimited Books in the big ocean called Technology.

Nothing can beat a breezy Sunday afternoon with a book to read.






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