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Best RGB LED RAM Memory For Gaming PC (DDR4)

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Best RGB LED RAM Memory For Gaming PC

Hi friends , we are talking about the Best RGB LED RAM Memory for Gaming PC. Which allows user to fill the dark area of your Motherboard. The RAM with vibrant LED Lighting is really a good idea for gamer to improve awesomeness for their high end Gaming PC. If you are building a PC with lots of RGB lights on Case Fans , CPU Fans and even using RGB Motherboard too then the LED RAM is Perfect for you.

There are currently only 4 manufacturer of the RGB LED RAM in the Market 2017. The No. 1 is Corsair, they build the series of the LED RAM with different colors and Speed. The RAMs separated in red, blue, white and RGB Colors with the speed of  2666 MHz to 3600 MHz. Also available in 4GB X 2 Kit , 8GB X 2 Kit and 16GB X 2 Kits. The No. 2 is G. Skill , they build Trident Z RGB RAM and another one is GEIL EVO X RGB RAM. Read all the info about Best RGB LED RAM Below.

#1: Corsair Vengeance LED RAM (DDR4)

Corsair Vengeance LED RAM

Corsair Vengeance LED Ram , it comes in 3 Colors RED , White and Blue and in 8GB to 32GB Memory Kit. Whether you’re upgrading a system, building an ultra fast gaming rig, or attempting to break overclocking world records, Corsair memory will exceed your expectations. Welcome Vengeance LED to the family.

Corsair Vengeance LED Series DDR4 memory modules are designed to provide a unique look with vibrant LEDs and a precision engineered light bar, created specifically to pair with the design themes of most motherboards and PC gaming components. With Vengeance LED memory, even simple system builds can look like one-of-a-kind. Below are the specification.

  • Stunning LED lighting – LED illuminated modules add lighting Effect to the system, enhance overall system appearance and complete the stylistic intent of the overall system design
  • Built-in heat spreaders – even and Fast heat dissipation for high overclocking capability, larger dissipation surface area increases thermal throughput.
  • Custom performance PCB and carefully Screened RAM – built from a custom performance PCB and highly-screened Memory ICs for superior overclocking potential.
  • Vengeance LED is optimized and compatibility tested for the latest Intel x99 and 100 Series motherboards. XMP 2.0 support for trouble-free automatic overclocking.
  • Limited life time Warranty – reliability and peace of mind.

Watch Corsair Vengeance LED RAM Review Video


G.SKILL TridentZ RGB RAM Series

G. Skill Trident Z RGB RAM is also build for fast gaming purpose , its comes only with RGB kit user can get multiple pulsing color on the RAM. Revolutionary RGB LED lighting effect designed for show off your system Fluid rainbow wave default lighting effect Completely uncovered, full-length light bar Highly screened ICs and custom 10-layer PCB for uncompromised overclocking performance Luxurious hair-line finish aluminum heat-spreaders with aggressive fin design for highly efficient heat dissipation Intel XMP 2.0 profile support for easy and simple overclocking.

  • DDR4 3000 (PC4 24000)
  • Timing 15-16-16-35
  • Cas Latency 15
  • Voltage 1.35V

Watch G.Skill Trident Z RGB Memory Official Video

#3: Corsair Vengeance RGB LED RAM (DDR4)

Corsair Vengeance RGB LED RAM

Another RAM Memory form corsair is Vengeance RGB , the whole product is same but it contains multiple color of led on it. Whether you are upgrading a system, building an ultra fast gaming rig, or attempting to break overclocking world records, Corsair memory will exceed your expectations. Welcome VENGEANCE RGB to the family.

Corsair VENGEANCE RGB Series DDR4 was designed using a patent pending technology to enable stunning RGB lighting effects without having to use wires, for a clean and simple integration into your system. Use Corsair Link to easily program lighting effects, monitor memory temperature, timings and frequency as well as coordinate with other Corsair products. A broad range of lighting configurations to complement the style of your system. 64GB Memory kit is also Available to buy.

  • Broad range of lighting configurations to complement the style of your system
  • Corsair Link enables fully programmable lighting effects, memory monitoring, and additional integration with other Corsair products
  • Superior overclocking potential
  • Optimized on the latest Intel X99, 100 and 200 series motherboards install Intel ME driver from Corsair download page
  • Automatically selects the maximum reliable overclocking settings for the best possible performance and stability.

Watch Corsair Vengeance RGB LED RAM Video

#4: GeIL EVO LED RAM for Gaming (DDR4)


In addition to blistering performance, the GeIL EVO X DDR4 series memory adds gorgeous RGB LED lighting to your powerhouse that is wow everyone and anyone at their first glance. The EVO X series starts at a clock speed of 3000 MHz and scales up beyond 4000 MHz. With unbeatable stability and reliability you can count on.

They also take a quantum leap in aesthetics with the exclusive Hybrid Independent Light Module technology. The HILM innovatively separates entire lighting circuitry from the memory module, and draw power from motherboard header instead of memory slot. Thus allowing high performance DDR4 memory module to performance at its full potential and stability.

  • DDR4 3000 (PC4 24000)
  • Timing 15-17-17-35
  • Cas Latency 15
  • Voltage 1.35V
  • Built-in Manual RGB Lighting Control

Watch Geil EVO X RGB RAM Video (RGB Lights)

Thanks for Reading Best RGB LED RAM and visiting our site , if you have any questions please comment below 🙂

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