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Cool Raspberry Pi Protective Case to Buy on Banggood

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Raspberry Pi Protective Case

Cool Raspberry Pi Protective Case on

Hey there in this article i am going to show some cool Raspberry Pi Protective Case you can buy from banggood. I am just a old fan of this website, the sells cheap electronic item like Raspberry Pi, Drone, RC Helicopters, RC toys, Camera, Arduino items, smartphones and thousands of more items. Banggood is shoping website like amazon and it ship items to all over the world without any custom charge, Cool. Below i am sharing some Raspberry Pi cases for all models including Model B+.

#1: Aluminum Alloy Protective Case With Cooling Fan

Aluminum Alloy Protective Case With Cooling FanThis is a nice gaming look raspberry pi case made with aluminum alloy with cool looking fan for cooling. The best part of this case is its fully made up with metal which can protect your pi from falling. The Sci-fi design of the stand is also a plus point to buy this case and there is also space for the GPIO pins in the bottom. Check out more about this case in the video below:

#2: Geekworm Ultra-thin Aluminum Case with Heat sink

Geekworm Ultra-thin Aluminum Case

This is an another metallic raspberry pi case, the specialty of this case is its compact and ultra thin aluminum case and it comes with heat sink. The price is high from the above one but it allow to use the GPIO pins from top and its supported by the raspberry pi 3 model B+. Check price of this case from the button below:

#3: Mini Retroflag NESPi NES Style Case For Raspberry

Mini Retroflag NESPi NES Style Case For Raspberry

This is a SNES inspired raspberry pi Gaming Case with Power and Reset Button. The compact design of is case is just like the old retro game console of 90s. The cool thing about this case is it have a memory card holder in the bottom of the case, so you can keep you micro SD cards in that holder. Led indicator included and the both buttons are works to start or reset the pi. Check it out from the link given below:

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