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10+Garnier Face Wash & Face Pack Review, Price

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What do we girl love most? Dress, jewelry, makeup? I think we girls love our flawless beautiful face. But sometimes we forget to take care of soft skin properly. And it gets dull. Because we forget to choose the right beauty product for the skin. Getting confused about skin type and suitable beauty products? Not to worry I have brought Garnier face wash & face pack review with the price. These reviews are based on the experience of my female friends.

A. Garnier face wash for pimple & oily skin with review

The face wash is an essential ritual of makeup. Beauty starts with cleaning and cleaning starts with face wash. The reason behind trusting GARNIER is it contains natural ingredients. Garnier understands the need for the skin. That is why we can trust it blindly.


If you love your skin and like to keep it fresh, smooth, beautiful. But afraid to try harsh face wash. Then Garnier gentle can be a perfect option. Its smooth effect will give you 100% security for sensitive skin.

garnier face wash & face mask review with price

  • Garnier Gentle is perfect to give your skin smooth touch.
  • It does not make skin rough and itchy.
  • If your skin is sensitive. You can select Garnier Gentle blindly.
  • Orange extract removes tanning.
  • Less foam formula makes skin butter-like soft.
  • Dermatologically tested makes it a trusted face wash for the skin.


Because you are a nature lover. And willing to give your skin natural beauty treatment. Go for Garnier neem face wash. We trust neem for flawless beauty since ancient times.

Garnier facewash & face pack with review and price

  • If you avoid chemicals for the skin. Then Garnier Neem can be a perfect choice.
  • Neem extract purifies the skin. Give a fair complexion.
  • Neem prevents acne & pimple.
  • It reduces dark spots after using 4 months regularly.
  • Botanical ingredient gives life long beauty naturally.


Why I prefer Garnier Light for skin? Because when it comes to pimple and oily skin. I trust Garnier’s light. It controls the oil gland in, removes dirt, and cleanses deeply.

garnier face wash and face mask

  • It’s lemon extract remove oil.
  • Vitamin C prevents pimple and acne.
  • The lemon extract also helps skin to lighten the dark spot
  • The best part of Garnier light is given fair skin at single wash daily
  • Garnier light has the quality to clean skin very intensely
  • And most importantly it is suitable for all skin types.
  • The lemon effect does not make skin rough, and dry. That is why you can prefer it.



When it comes to our beauty. We do not miss any chance to take care of it. What if you get quality of face wash and scrub together? Yes, it has a mixed feature for our skin. We do not have to manage time separately for the scrub.

We can do it at the time of washing the face.

Garnier face wash & face pack review price

  • Wow combination of scrub + facewash
  • Extract of neem is enough to take care of our beautiful skin.
  • neem extract prevents pimples, give skin a fair look
  • it comes with an ayurvedic effect. Act as anti-bacterial for acne-prone skin
  • Small granules of neem melt in the skin. Clean skin pores very deeply.
  • Neem extract gives our beauty spotless fairness.


Garnier face wash & face pack review price

  • Garnier light duo is a girls’ favorite face wash. Because it comes in a combination of face + face mask. Wow
  • If oily skin annoys you choose duo action.
  • Vitamin C extract and a mixture of earthen clay make it perfect for acne-prone skin.
  • Lemon extract controls oil and prevents pimple.
  • Clay enhances beauty, gives fairness naturally.
  • When you are in a hurry use it as a face wash. When you are free to apply it as a face pack. Is not it amazing?
  • It gives you spotless shine with beautiful skin, instant whitening glow.
  • Clay cleanses the skin deeply. It is effective in lightening dark spots.

B. Garnier face mask sheet for moisture & how to use


Garnier face wash & face pack review price

  • Green tea is the best friend of the skin.
  • Green tea gives skin a natural glow and maintains moisture.
  • Its hydrating serum locks moisture for 24hours and prevents moisture loss from the skin.
  • 1 mask hydrate skin for one week.
  • Green tea also makes skin oil-free. This can prevent acne.

C.Garnier serum mask for instant glow & how to use


Garnier face wash & face pack review price

  • Garnier Sakura face mask is perfect if you want pinkish shine on cheeks.
  • Its flower content nourishes the skin naturally.
  • And very helpful for beautiful skin to maintain moisture.
  • Garnier Sakura White Sheet Mask is enriched with Japanese Sakura flower extracts.
  • If you have dry and dehydrated skin you can select Sakura White.
  • It hydrates the skin instantly and gives it a pinkish glow in just 15 minutes
  • The best part of Garnier Sakura is suitable for all Indian skin types.

2. Garnier charcoal sheet mask

garnier charcol face pack sheet mask

  • Charcoal is known for removing impurities and bacteria from the skin.
  • Garnier charcoal is very helpful in improving beauty complexion.
  • Of course, charcoal content treats acne skin.
  • Garnier charcoal face mask is dermatologically tested. So it is safe for the skin.
  • Intensely rehydrates your smooth cheeks.
  • Very easy to apply and remove on the face.
  • Garnier charcoal reduces the fine lines appearance and tightens pores.
  • It suits sensitive skin also.

D. Garnier face mask for oily skin( girl, women


Garnier face wash & face pack review price

  • Garnier light has all the quality of oil control.
  • Its lime extract works beneath the skin pores.
  • The citrus effect of serum treats oil control very effectively.
  • Splash of gives your skin a bright glow along with lightening darkness.
  • It hydrates the skin deeply and keeps pimple away.
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Garnier face wash & face pack review price

  • The best of this serum face mask is vitamin C content.
  • Vitamin C is very effective for treating pimple and oily skin.
  • Citrus quality enhances the natural beauty of the skin. And it keeps skin young for a long time.
  • Vitamin C shot nourishes dull skin. It works as a beauty booster.
  • Vitamin C also reduces the dark spot of pimple and makes skin scars free.


Garnier face wash & face pack review price

  • The reason to love Garnier scrub is its natural content
  • The very tiny granules of apricot cleanse skin deeply.
  • Its cleansing effect helps to prevent pimple.
  • You can use is on alternate days for perfect beauty results
  • Its moisture content never makes skill rough and removes dead cells smoothly.
  • Garnier care our beautiful skin naturally
  • It exfoliate skin deeply and gives you glowing shiny skin




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