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How To Get Rid Of Period Cramps? Full detail and Product List

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Hello ladies and girls! We all bleed at least once a month. Menstruation is a natural process that enables every woman to become a mother some time or the other. We can surely consider it a boon. But with menstruation comes periods cramps, back pain, mood swings, and what not! And therefore it is indeed a thing to be proud of that we all manage to handle tough days every month. Therefore, this question arises which is mandatory to be answered- how to get rid of period cramps?

How to get rid of Period Cramps

But until when will we keep suffering like this? Yeah, periods are really painful. But are you aware that with the advancement of technology now the market is filled with various period cramp relieving products? Apart from that, there are other remedies as well which would aid you to experience painless periods. So that you can be yourself even during those days.

So therefore I am back with another informative blog post on how to get rid of period cramps. I will also talk about what are period cramps. This blog post is suitable for every woman or a girl, be it you menstruating for the first time, or you have already menstruated several times.


Before starting off, there is something more which I desire to tell you, ladies. Periods are nothing to be ashamed of, it is absolutely natural! In fact, you all should be proud of yourself that how gracefully you pull up yourself even in the pain.

Secondly, it is not a sin! Every woman on this planet bleeds. You should never feel ashamed if by chance there’s a stain. You should never feel uncomfortable if someone shames you for menstruating.

Awareness is very important. If people can’t feel and understand what it is to have periods every month, they have got no authority to tag you of how wonderful you are. So my dear ladies, be proud of yourself always. You were born a woman, so you are already great.

For years our grandmas and moms have been suffering due to the lack of proper menstrual products. But now that technology has advanced, there are many products which would help you experience painless periods.

So now you can swim, dance, go trekking, and do anything even during the days you bleed. Without any further delay, let’s get started to know how to get rid of period cramps. Before that let us read what are period cramps?


Menstrual cramps refer to the severe sensation of pain in the lower abdomen area, in between thighs, and the lower pelvic region during menstrual cycles. It feels like a throbbing sensation is traveling all over your lower abdomen area. The pain usually starts radiating before periods or during the first second days of your cycle.

How to get rid of Period Cramps

In most cases, period cramps become unbearable and one might feel humongous pressure during their monthly cycles. Therefore, it is necessary to get instant relief from the period cramps.

Many girls don’t experience period cramps which are too severe, but for some, it is just unbearable. But you may also wonder what causes period cramps.

Basically, period cramps are due to the contraction movement of the vagina muscle that helps the blood lining to shed. And this contraction movement is due to the secretion of a hormone-like substance called prostaglandins. Therefore, the more this hormone secretes, the more severe menstrual cramps you may suffer.

Now that you know what are period cramps and what causes periods cramps, it’s now time for the main section. Let us know how to get rid of period cramps.

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Well, there are several methods and several products which would help you get relief from period cramps. First, I will share with you basic home remedies to get rid of period cramps. Secondly, I will talk about the allopathic or homeopathic medicines that would help you get relief from period cramps. And lastly, I will list out all products in the market which would give you relief from menstrual cramps.

Now that I have listed out so many ways and methods of getting rid of period cramps, you may wonder, why didn’t you know all this before? So now you see readers, why awareness is important. Therefore, I urge you all to share this informative blog post with all ladies and girls. Because, some time or the other, one does suffer from period cramps.

Without any further delay, let’s get started.


Our age-old traditions and family lineage have some quick tricks, which are worth out of all. Many people like me, prefer to rely on home remedies rather than consuming medicines or using some sort of products.

Because who knows, what side effects which method may cause? Moreover, home remedies are quick, instant, and to a large extent highly effective.

So now let us see all the home remedies which would answer your question of how to get rid of period cramps.


Exercise and yoga are something which has always been beneficial. During your menstruating days, you can try some light aerobic exercise like jogging, or some stretching.

Some workout is important because when you exercise, your body releases feel-good-hormones called endorphins. So this also breaks the myth that one should not exercise while they are menstruating.

In case, it feels too painful for you to stretch or go jogging, you can simply try meditating. Meditation and a couple of breathing exercises would not only ease your mind but would also relax your body muscles.


Every lady deserves a good massage when she bleeds. Massaging with essential oils relaxes the contradiction movement of muscles and brings it to ease. Also, your mood will feel uplifted.

When I suffered from severe pain due to menstrual cramps, I would just heat up some olive oils and apply them to my lower abdomen area with a massaging movement.

And trust me, readers, this home remedy for getting rid of period cramps is very effective. It is not mandatory that you need to heat up the oil. The process of heating is only for more relaxation. Or else, you can even buy hot oil and apply it to the affected area.


The warmth will always help your muscles relax to make you feel better, therefore it is advised many times to take a hot body shower or put a hot water bag in the affected area in order to get rid of period cramps.

During the days when I menstruate, I make sure to take a hot shower be it any season. I feel so relaxed and good and I regain my energy instantly. So don’t trouble yourself too much with pain, and instantly get going for a good hot shower.

But one cannot take shower 24/7 right? So in that case, you can easily put a hot water bag on your lower abdomen area and get yourself a good healing sleep.

But again, you will carry a hot water bag with themselves all over? For that, I will discuss the latest period cramp relieving products in the last section. Stay tuned!

Apart from the above three mentioned basic home remedies to get rid of period cramps, you should also ensure that you eat healthily, avoid fatty foods, and have plenty of fluids.


Many times, the period cramps become too painful. In that case, you have to go and consult your doctor to get appropriate medications. But apart from the prescribed ones, there are few mild medicines that bring instant relief to period cramps and you can carry them with you anytime.

How to get rid of Period Cramps

Some mild allopathic pain relievers like ibuprofen or naproxen sodium are good medicines for daily dosage during the days you suffer from period cramps. You can also use anti-inflammatory tablets like aspirin and celecoxib.

The medicines I have mentioned are mild and fit for a single dosage per day. But still, as a friend, I do advise you to consult a doctor to avoid any side effects.

Other than allopathic medicines, there are some homeopathic medicines too. You can take a single dose of Belladonna if you experience a high level of period cramps. For mild relief, you can also use Bovista, Cocculus, Colocynthis, and others according to your needs.

Well, why I suggest you keep some medicines because they are easy to carry anywhere. Also, these are effective for instant relief. But still, I would like to repeat my statement that you can consult a doctor before taking any of the above-mentioned medicines to avoid side effects.


Do you remember the latest advancement of technology in the field of period cramp relief products about which I was talking in the first section? So here’s the list of period relief roll-on, heat patches, and belly oil. These products are super handy, easy to afford, and way beyond cost-effective. Because they do work and give hundred percent satisfactory results.

Like many women, I was also nervous while using one of them for the first time. But I was more nervous about getting myself acquainted to bear my period cramps. And therefore, I decided to try one of these in other to get rid of period cramps.

Guess what? These products are worth all your money, well they aren’t too costly either. And for a working woman like me, these are the best alternatives to get rid of period cramps.

I have also made a separate blog post to give you every single detail of the products I list here. So, presenting you with a list of the best period cramp relief products.

  1. Sanfe Feminine cramp relief roll-on
  2. Nua cramp comfort heat patch
  3. Sirona beginner’s hydrogel-based pain relief patch
  4. Sirona period pain relief patch
  5. Meelanto women feminine pain relief roll-on
  6. Livia electric micro-pulse kit
  7. Nabhi sutra period pain relief oil
  8. Bella Vita organic belly drops

So now you have got to complete a list of best period cramp relief products in order to get rid of period cramps. You can choose any of the above as all of them are effective. I will soon come up with another blog post giving you a detailed review of the price of each product.

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Periods are nothing to be ashamed of, it is natural and happens to every woman around the world. Yes, it is true that those days every month are tough, but you are responsible for yourself in order to take care of yourself. Take care of your needs, your hygiene.

Don’t feel shy to ask or buy a pack of sanitary pads in the store, because it is your right. Women are born beautiful and confident, therefore remain confident always.

This blog post is not only for ladies, it is for all those boyfriends, brothers, sons, fathers, uncles to make them aware of the needs of women around them. If you all have read till the end, I applaud you with all gratitude.

We are living in the era of millennials, and as future pillars, it’s our responsibility to normalize something which is absolutely normal!

My aim to create this informative blog post is to make people aware. Because without awareness, every piece of information is rootless. I hope all the researched information mentioned above aids in your help.

Let me know in the comment sections how beneficial this blogpost was for you. Like us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram. Also, share this blog post as much as possible to make people even more aware. See you all in the next article.




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