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Holla shopaholics! So I am back with another informative blog post. Well, we all know, that as we grow up and our body matures, many changes happen in our body. These are all signs of growing up. But as we grow into an adult, responsibility towards taking care of our body increases. The intimate area is one of that. But are you aware of all dos and don’t dos of intimate hygiene? Therefore today’s article will answer you about how to take care of your intimate area.

The skin in the intimate area is very sensitive just like the baby’s skin. It needs care with the highest possible natural ingredients. Most of the time we neglect special intimate care routines thinking that soap wash is enough. But did you know that most of the chemical soaps can have a harsh effect on your intimate skin? There could also be chances of vaginal or fungal infections.

how to take care of female intimate area

When it comes to women, intimate hygiene is a must. Because if you don’t take care of your intimate hygiene, you might suffer from irritation and itchiness. But I have seen so many people being shy about intimate hygiene.

Well, according to my opinion you should not be shy. It is your duty to take utmost care of every part of your body. Even the market is flooded with so many intimate wash products. These products are both effective and cost-efficient.

So without any further delay, let us get started. Before everything let us all know what is intimate hygiene?


Intimate hygiene refers to taking care and maintaining proper health and cleanliness of your intimate area. Just like how we bathe every day, intimate hygiene calls for cleaning it the same way. It is a part of our personal hygiene routine.

Conventionally many people think that soap and water are enough for intimate hygiene. But this is a myth. Because we all need specialized products for intimate health to maintain the pH balance.

how to take care of female intimate area

Like a normal moisturizing and skin, toning procedure is a routine. Similarly, intimate care is also a routine. There are many home hacks and specialized products to take care of intimate hygiene. In this article, I will try my best to share all the professional tips and tricks about intimate hygiene.

Apart from using products and remedies, there is one more important thing which is an answer to how to take care of your intimate area. That is by eating healthy nutritious foods.

After knowing what is intimate hygiene, we must also wonder why is it important. Let us look for the answer in the next subsection.


Parts of our body that are least exposed, intimate areas are one of those. Do you know that there is a phrase that says skin also breathe? Like every building needs a ventilation system, similarly, our skin also needs to stay in contact with air from time to time.

But because our intimate areas are covered most of the time, there is a high probability of fungal or microbial growth. That is why experts say that you should maintain your intimate hygiene from time to time.

how to take care of female intimate area

In fact, we should wash it regularly. Beauty soaps contain may contain many harmful chemicals that can be harmful to sensitive skin. The skin in intimate areas is very thin and highly sensitive. Therefore, we must use a product that is specialized for intimate hygiene only.

Now that we all know what is an intimate care routine and why is it important, it’s time for the main section. How to take care of your intimate area?

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There are both home remedies and specialized products for taking care of intimate areas. In this final section, I will share all the bullets on both types of methods.


  • Change your menstrual pads from time to time. If you have a regular flow then it is suggested that you change your sanitary pad every 3-4 hours.
  • You should always wear undergarments made of cotton. Synthetic garments can be really harsh to your sensitive skin. It is not an unbreathable garment type. You can also suffer irritation and constant sweating.
  • Many experts even suggest wearing loose pajamas or half pants without any underwear while sleeping.
  • We should also make sure to wear thoroughly cleaned undergarments daily. Unwashed garments can increase the rate of infection.
  • Wash your intimate area on a regular basis. In fact, I use my intimate wash twice a day. It really helps me feel refreshed and irritation-free even during my periods.
  • We have always heard, you are what you eat. This simple to our intimate hygiene also. Healthy food is the key to a healthy intimate area.
  • Do not shave your hair in the intimate region too often. The hairs are meant to protect your intimate area from bacterias. You should only shave it when it grows too big.
  • Many experts also suggest that washing your intimate area with lukewarm water is also beneficial. But you also need to make sure that you don’t use very hot water. Because the latter may prove a hassle for sensitive intimate skin.
  • Coconut oil is very useful when it comes to home remedies on how to take care of your intimate area. If you apply slightly warmed oil, then that would be even better.

how to take care of female intimate area


Now that you know all the home remedies for taking care of your intimate area, I have researched and reviewed the top 10 intimate hygiene products for women. Most of them I have personally used about which I will talk about in great detail in the next blog post. Some are based upon reviews by experts and happy customers.

  1. Sirona Natural pH balance intimate wash
  2. Sirona Intimate Wet Wipes
  3. WOW Skin Science Freedom Cleasing Foam Intimate wash
  4. Himalaya Intimate Wash
  5. Himalaya Intimate Wipes
  6. Clean & Dry Cream
  7. Clean & Dry powder
  8. Clean & Dry Foam
  9. Clean & Dry Wash
  10. V Wash Plus

So here is the complete list of the best intimate hygiene products to take care of your Intimate area. You can use any of the above according to your needs because all of them are very effective. Two years back I Didn’t use any intimate hygiene product and suffered from a urinary infection. after a doctor’s recommendation I began using one of them. And since then, I have always used them even during my periods.

I will also give you a full review of the price of each product in the next article.

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Intimate hygiene is very I’m[ortant because the uncleansed intimate area could be smelly, sweaty, and causes irritation. But many of us don’t really know the proper way of how to take care of our intimate area. There are some home remedies and some products to take care of your intimate area.

So that’s all for our blog post on how to take care of your intimate area. You can write your feedback or suggestions in the comment box below. Do like us on Facebook, Instagram, And Pinterest. Till then be safe and happy shopping!


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