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How to Use Loreal Xtenso, Purple Shampoo & conditioner?

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Everybody loves to pamper them like cleaning their body or taking care of their hair, which is the most crucial routine of an individual’s life. A good hair wash task plays an important part in keeping hair clean, although, there are some people who don’t understand the importance of shampoo and conditioner. So, find out about How to use Loreal Xtenso, purple shampoo & conditioner?

So, it is mandatory for everybody to realize the same thing, and make it a habit of using the amazing shampoo products.

Several people get excited when they find out about the number of hair care treatments with the benefits available at the salons, so they immediately grab the opportunity, and tend to forget about the most basic, yet the most effective hair care treatment available; shampooing and conditioner.

Apart from them, there are few people who tend to overuse the shampoo and conditioner, which can result in bad hair.

So, it is of utmost importance, for all of the people to well aware of the usage of the shampoo and conditioner.

Eventually, before buying any hair care products such as shampoo, and conditioner, an individual must go through the benefits which are being mentioned on the backside of the bottle.

The purpose of Shampoos is to remove the excess oil and dirt particles from the scalp, therefore, cleaning the hair. Although, a few of the shampoos remove the moisture from the hair, resulting in dry and brittle hair.

Similarly, the conditioner is the next step, as it tends to make the texture of the hair silky and smooth. So, simultaneously both the things,  i.e. Shampoo and conditioner play a vital role in the human being’s life.

As the process of shampooing the hair helps in messing up the hair follicles while conditioning the hair helps in smoothing the hair strands.

Also, the conditioner helps in retaining the moisture in the hair for a longer duration.

Eventually, the usage of both the things, i.e. Conditioner and shampoo will surely give an outstanding result.

So, here are the few selected best items from Loreal which will give an individual an unbelievable result which they have never expected in their whole life.

It is necessary to understand How to use Loreal shampoo and conditioner

But, before Buying the Loreal shampoo, conditioner, and mask, it is advisable for all the people of having a vast idea of simply going through the benefits and usages of the products listed below:

Have a glimpse about How to use Loreal shampoo and conditioner

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About the Product

  • Loreal Purple shampoo has been created to prevent the growth of harsh hair strands.
  • With the usage of purple shampoo, an individual can bring back the natural and glossy shine.
  • It is advisable to use this Loreal purple shampoo, as little as once in a month or twice a week.
  • High-quality purple shampoo is opaque in color and not transparent.
  • Loreal purple shampoo works miraculously on colored or dyed hairs, therefore, enhancing the lustrous shine of the hair and eradicate the damages.
  • This Loreal Purple shampoo comes in a cute, stylish purple cylindrical bottle with a flip-open cap.
  • Apart from this, this Loreal shampoo is travel-friendly, and can easily be fitted in the bag.
  • It is suitable for blonde, highlighted, and silver hair.
  • This Loreal Purple shampoo is 100% Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, no Harsh chemical compound, and vegan product.
  • Shelf-life of this shampoo is about 3 years and has a very light consistency.
  • This fabulous product which can give a remarkable result is available on Amazon and Nykaa.

How to Use Loreal Purple Shampoo &


Method to use the Loreal purple shampoo:

  • Before applying the purple shampoo, wet the hair with slightly warm water, as the temperature of the water widen the hair shafts, therefore, allowing it to absorb the water.
  • Then, apply the shampoo from root to tip and massage it softly, allowing the foam of the Loreal purple shampoo to go absorb into the whole hair.
  • Thereafter, let the shampoo remain in the hair for 4 minutes and then rinse it with cold water.

Advantages of using this Loreal purple shampoo have been illustrated below:

  • Shampoo crafted to protect the damages caused to the hair by the Ultraviolent harmful rays, chlorine, and mineral impurities present in the water.
  • This Loreal shampoo actually deposits a complete violet shade which helps in removing unwanted yellow or brassy tones.
  • It contains the blue-violet pigments which stick to the follicle and neutralize the yellowish tinge in gray hair if this Loral purple shampoo is used on gray hair.
  • By frequently using this Loreal purple shampoo on the colored hair helps in keeping it vibrant and fresh.

Disadvantages of this Loreal purple shampoo:

  • Leaving the purple shampoo in the blonde, highlighted, and silver hair to an hour can leave an unwanted tint to the hair color.
  • Using the purple shampoo on the brown-colored hair can lighten the hair strands.
  • Excessive use of this Loreal purple shampoo can result in the dryness of hair and reduction of melanin, therefore, resulting in the graying of hair strands.
  • Also, the fragrance of this purple shampoo is very unpleasant.


Find out How to use Loreal shampoo and conditioner

About the Loreal x-tenso shampoo Product

  • This Loreal x- tenso shampoo works marvelously on the hair as it controls the frizz, and makes the hair healthy and shiny.
  • It helps in removing the tangles from the hair and also stop the hair fall.
  • This Xtenso shampoo also prevents the hair from pollution and harsh weather conditions.
  • About the packaging of this Loreal x-tenso shampoo comes in a stylish white cylindrical bottle with a flip-open silver cap and has a silver and metallic blue design on the bottle.
  • Perfectly made for all types of hair.
  • This product is made comprises a cleansing formula which is sulfate and paraben-free.

LOREAL-XTENSO-SHAMPOOUsage of the Loreal Xtenso shampoo is illustrated below:

  • Wet the whole hair with the lukewarm water before applying the Loreal X tenso shampoo.
  • Then, took an adequate amount of shampoo as per the length of the hair and apply it evenly on the hair.
  • Once, the shampoo gets applied, then gently massaged it, so that it will get distributed in the whole hair.
  • After that let the shampoo remain in the hair for 10 minutes and then wash it with the cold water.

Pros of this Loreal Xtenso shampoo:

  • Posses a nice fragrance that lasted for a longer period, i.e. at least one day.
  • Helps in improving the quality of the hair by making it soft.
  • Controls the frizziness of the hair, and make them stronger.
  • Foam formed on the hair removes the excess oil from the scalp.

Cons of this Loreal Xtenso shampoo:

  • Only made for the chemically treated hair, i.e. Rebounding, and not designed for the normal hair.
  • Excessive usage of this shampoo will affect the hair, therefore, making it thinner by decreasing the volume of the hair.
  • It is very expensive in comparison to the normal shampoo.
  • Is made up of some harsh substances which do not give a promising result.

About the Loreal Xtenso conditioner

  • The consistency of this Loreal xtenso conditioner is very thick.
  • Suitable for all types of hair.
  • This Loreal Xtenso conditioner is also Sulfate and Paraben Free.


Usage of the Loreal X tenoso conditioner on the hair are as follows:

  • Once, the hair has been cleared with the shampoo, then, take a sufficient quantity of conditioner and apply it along the length.
  • Very softly massage it and wash it with cold water after keeping it for 5 minutes on the hair.

Pros of this Loreal Xtenso conditioner:

  • By using this conditioner, it makes sure that the cuticle lays smooth to the surface, and allowing tangles to set freely.
  • Xtenso conditioner moisturizes the hair follicles, which in fact help hair grow faster as much as it without breakage.
  • Skipping the xtenso conditioner can result in leaving the hair weak and more brittle.
  • If a person misses the usage of this Loreal conditioner, then their hair will become coarse, therefore, becoming  more difficult to comb

Cons of this Loreal Xtenso conditioner:

  • If not properly rinse out the Xtenso conditioner, then the hair will start feeling sticky as a result of the particles not being washed out.
  • Excessive usage of the conditioner will result in hair unmanageable and lifeless.
  • When Xtenso conditioner left for too long, it can damage the hair by pulling up all protein, which will actually result in more breakage.
  • This Loreal conditioner is quite expensive.

Both of these products of Loreal, i.e. Shampoo and conditioner are available on various shopping sites such as Flipkart, Amazon, and Nykaa.

Hope, with the steps mentioned about How to use Loreal shampoo and conditioner,  everybody is well aware of the Loreal products.

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So, let’s find out how to use the Loreal shampoo and mask which can, therefore, enhanced the volume of our hair, and also, smoothened the hair.

Before letting the audience know how to use this Loreal xtenso shampoo and mask, it is necessary to understand the importance of these products.

Check out, How to use loreal xtenso shampoo and mask.



About the Loreal Xtenso shampoo

  • This Loreal shampoo is made up by using the ingredients- glycerine, salicylic acid, Carbomer, and SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate).
  • It is suitable for all hair types.
  • The consistency of this Loreal Xtenso shampoo is not very thick.
  • The shelf life of this Loreal X tenso shampoo is for 3 years.

About the Loreal Xtenso Mask

  • After that, wash the hair with the cold water.
  • Rinse immediately if it gets into the eyes.
  • It contains an anti-breakage formulation therapy, which will make hair thicker and shinier than before.
  • This Loreal Xtenso mask comes in the white tub with a silver cap, and in the quantity of 196gm.
  • The Shelf-life of this Loreal xtenso mask is about 3 years.
  • The consistency of this mask is like jelly, which easily gets absorbed into the hair.

Find out how to use this Loreal x-tenso shampoo:

  • Wet the hair with lukewarm water.
  • Take an adequate quantity as per the length of the hair, and apply the bountiful amount to the hair from root to the tip.
  • In a gentle manner, massage the hairs for a few minutes so that the shampoo gets evenly distributed within the hairs.
  • Then, let the shampoo remain in the hair for at least 5-7 minutes.
  • After that rinse the hair with the cold water.


Next, learn about how to use the Loreal X tenso Hair Mask:

  • After shampooing, apply an adequate quantity of the hair mask on completely dried hair.
  • Make sure do not apply the loreal xtenso mask on the scalp.
  • Therefore, applying the mask on the scalp will result in the hair fall and makes the hair more frizzy.
  • Once done, very delicately massage from hair length to the tip.
  • Then, let the mask remain in the hair for at least 5 minutes.

Advantages of Loreal Xtenso Hair Mask:

  • The fragrance of this Hair mask is very good.
  • Quite easy to apply to the hair length which spreads evenly on the entire head.
  • For the best effect result, it is highly recommended to use once in a week.
  • Helps in restoring the shining of the hair and reduces the hair fall.


Disadvantages of Loreal Xtenso Hair Mask

  • Usage of this Xtenso hair mask can result in rashes on the forehead skin and sometimes on the scalp.
  • The quantity of the product is very less compared to the cost.
  • It does not give a fruitful result.
  • Not suitable for normal hair as it gets tangled after 6 hours.

So, excited to try both of the products, i.e. Loreal x tenso shampoo and mask, then you must check the prices of the same thing on Amazon and Flipkart.


About the Loreal pre-shampoo clay mask

  • This Loreal pre-shampoo clay mask is perfect for oily scalps and roots but dry ends.
  • Although, the packaging of this Loreal pre-shampoo mask looks quite good, but not travel-friendly.
  • This Loreal pre-shampoo clay mask has a strong smell.
  • The Result of this pre-shampoo clay mask gives a fruitful result, therefore, making the hair look more beautiful, clean, and fresh.
  • The shelf life of this Loreal pre-shampoo mask is about 12 months if once gets opened.
  • This Loreal clay mask is perfect for the colored hairs also.
  • It is available on different shopping sites like Amazon and Nykaa.
  • It comes in a small, round, aqua-colored plastic container with a screw-top lid.
  • This clay mask has a modest scent of the kaolin clay, eucalyptus, and olive oil.
  • Regarding consistency, it is quite thick, and creamy and possessed a light creamy bluish-green color.
  • This Loreal pre-shampoo mask is made by using three types of clay, i.e. Green to remove contaminants from roots, blue to moisten the lengths, and white to give new strength to hair.
  • This product is designed to use before shampoo to deeply absorb excess oil and dirt from the hairs.


How to Use Loreal Shampoo &amp mask

Steps to use Loreal Pre-shampoo clay mask is mentioned below:

  • Before shampooing, on dry hair, apply this Loreal clay mask at the roots section by section, ensuring that it fully covers the entire head.
  • Then, let it remain in the hair so that it soaks up the impurities and the excess oil.
  • After that, thoroughly wash the entire hair while massaging it gently to make sure that it is properly washed away.
  • So, you will see the awesome result given by this pre-shampoo clay mask and would fall in love with your hair after one wash.

Pros of Loreal Pre-shampoo clay mask:

  • Perfect for a weekly treatment as it helps in regulating oil production.
  • Made for dry hair as the clay mask hydrates and softens the skin by keeping hair healthy, soft, and shiny.
  • Helps in rebuilding the damaged hair follicles, thereby, promoting hair growth.
  • For the best result, it is advisable to use thrice in a month.

Cons of Loreal Pre-shampoo clay mask

  • Keeping this Pre-shampoo clay mask on the hair for a longer period makes them brittle and rough.
  • Take time to remove it from the hair, therefore, leaving the hands covered in sticky sediment.
  • The excess usage of this clay mask can result in itchiness so not made for the sensitive scalp.
  • The quantity is very less.

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About Loreal Liss unlimited shampoo

  • With the usage of Loreal Liss unlimited shampoo, anybody can give a smooth, and shiny texture to their unmanageable and frizzy hairs.
  • This Loreal Liss unlimited shampoo nourishes the hair by thoroughly cleaning the hair, therefore, adding a volume to it.
  • It also purifies the scalp and, thereby, improving the texture of the hair by giving it a glossy look.
  • This mind-blowing product by Loreal comes with a promise that it controls the anti-free effect with an 80% level of humidity.
  • It comes in a nice-looking, and lilac-colored shampoo bottle. Has a lid that has a small hole to dispense the shampoo.
  • This Loreal Liss unlimited shampoo is travel-friendly as easily fits in the bag.
  • It has a white colored fluid and the consistency of this Liss unlimited shampoo is fine enough which can easily immerse in the entire head.
  • This shampoo is ideal for all the hair types.
  • Basically, the idea behind creating this Loreal Liss unlimited shampoo is to give hair a perfect professional salon type look to the people while sitting at their home.
  • It is very easy to use and an organic product.
  • This Loreal product is Unisex, which means can be used by anybody, irrespective of their gender.
  • Although, this Loreal Liss unlimited shampoo fragrance is fabulous.
  • The plastic bottle of this Loreal Liss shampoo is strongly and solidly built.
  • The Shelf life of this shampoo has been for 36 months.
  • Evening primrose oil: Enhance the texture of the hair by keeping it hydrated, therefore, leaving it soft and shiny. Also, manages the frizz, therefore, making the hair more feasible.
  • Kukui nut oil: Contains two essential fatty acids, i.e. Omega-6, and Omega-3 which prevents the hair from humidity. Gathered from the seeds of the Aleurites Moluccana tree found in Asian countries, as the human body cannot produce these oils.

How to Use Loreal Liss Shampoo &amp



So, let us find out about the usage of this Loreal Liss unlimited shampoo:

  • First of all, wet the entire hair with lukewarm water.
  • Then, take a generous amount of shampoo as per the length of the hair.
  • Afterward, further on, apply it with the hands-on the hair from the roots to the tips.
  • Massage it with very softly so that it evenly, get spreads in the entire head.
  • Once done, then, let the shampoo remain in the hair so, that it absorbs the impurities from the hair.
  • Further on, rinse the entire head thoroughly with the cold water.
  • On the first wash itself, you will definitely fall in love with your hair because it improves the quality of the hair by making it shinier.

Advantages of Loreal Liss unlimited shampoo:

  • Nourish the hair by making them softer and shiny after the first wash.
  • Love the fragrance of this Liss unlimited shampoo as it is very pleasant.
  • Promising product as the result remains up to 4 days.
  • If Liss unlimited shampoo used in the right manner, surely will clean the entire scalp.

Disadvantages of Loreal Liss unlimited shampoo:

  • This Loreal product is quite expensive.
  • Has very little quantity which gets finished after 7-9 wash.
  • Not suitable for colored or dyed hair.
  • Created only for those who have undergone for smoothening or keratin treatment.

This Loreal Liss unlimited shampoo is available on the various shopping sites like Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, and many more.


Amazed after reading the benefits and usage of the Loreal products. So, waiting for what? Super-excited to try this awesome product.

Loreal aims at creating the product which exactly consumers are looking for so, i.e. “Deliver what their agenda speaks”.

Hurry up!!! Go and grab these admirable Loreal products.







































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