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What Accessories Do I Need For Mountain Biking? Full List

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Hello adventure lovers! Probably, you’re here because you love mountain biking. It is indeed an adventurous sport. Mountain biking is an adventurous fun way to feel the nature. It has thrill, ecstasy, and joy. Who doesn’t love to explore new things? If you are looking for a new hobby, give mountain biking a chance. This sport is nerve-wracking and terrifying at first. But it gets easier and more fun with time. Well, mountain biking is not as easy as it seems. If you are a beginner, you would have a mind full of questions. Before going on a bike tour, make sure you’re prepared. You might face some obstacles on your way. Henceforth, we are here to give you the answer to what accessories do I need for mountain biking!

What Accessories Do I Need for Mountain Biking?

Every beginner has a first time. What accessories do I need for mountain biking? This question might have haunted you so many times before beginning. But now, you need not worry. We have brought you a few accessories that you will need for mountain biking. Have a look below:

#1 Mini Pump

A major issue that happens out on the trail is getting flat. You go through rocks, sticks, bumps, etc. Anything can happen under these circumstances. It is always good to carry a mini pump. They are available in various sizes. Make sure you carry the smallest one just for your convenience. A mini pump is a must-have.

What Accessories Do I Need For Mountain Biking?

#2 Water Bottle

Do not head out without a water bottle. You need to keep yourself hydrated. Once you start peddling, you can feel thirsty. Henceforth, it is always safe to carry a water bottle. You can mix energy boosters in your water too. Besides water, electrolytes are helpful as well. You can carry either one.

What Accessories Do I Need For Mountain Biking?

#3 Spare Inner Tube

In case you get a flat, this is your savior. These are very cheap and easily available. Do not panic if you get a flat. Always carry a spare inner tube. Grab that tire, take off the tube and plug in a new one. It is as simple as that. Make sure to carry it along.

inner tube

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After peddling for a long time, your body will need energy. Sometimes just water isn’t enough. You need more than that. Some healthy snacks or fruits will suffice. Cycling requires a lot of energy. Therefore, make sure you carry energy-rich food. You can also grab some energy chews. These are gums that will give you energy while cycling.


#5 Backpack

How are you even going to carry so much stuff on the ride? A backpack is a crucial item. Obviously, you can’t everything in your hand. You need a backpack to arrange all your necessities. No muss, no fuss. A backpack will keep all your things in one place. It is convenient for short rides and trips. You can easily carry it on your back without any discomfort.

What Accessories Do I Need For Mountain Biking?

#6 Windbreaker

If you are cycling on a stormy or rainy day, you will need this. You won’t need it often during summers. But when the weather changes, you might need a windbreaker. This will protect you from the winds and cold air. During fall and winters, you won’t regret carrying one.


#7 First Aid Kit

Well, we hope that you have a safe ride. But just in case, if any mishap happens, you need a first aid kit. Firstly, put an antiseptic in it. Secondly, some cotton. And add some bandages as well. Every rider, either beginner or professional faces small accidents. And it is quite normal. Do not panic. Just make sure that you carry a first aid box.

What Accessories Do I Need For Mountain Biking?

#8 Headlamp

Prefer the daytime for mountain biking. But if you’re heading in the evening, carry a headlamp. During the dark, rarely things are visible. And we want to ensure your complete safety. Henceforth, carry a headlamp. You can use a torch as an alternative too. Pro Tip: Better go biking in the daytime.


#9 Duct Tape

It is always good to have duct tape with you. Minor accidents can happen during the journey. A duct tape can resolve those issues until you find a professional. Try to carry a small, pocket version of duct tape. Obviously, you don’t carry a big roll on a trail. Make sure to carry duct tape.

duct tape

Some very important parts of Mountain Bike

If you a beginner, you must have come across some never-heard terms. You might be wondering what are they? Before beginning mountain biking, you must know a bike’s anatomy. Well, some professionals use extremely professional words. If you don’t know all the parts of a mountain bike, don’t worry. Now that you have the answer for what accessories do I need for mountain biking; know its parts. As a mountain biker, you should know the basic parts of a bike. It will help you when you want to buy a part or replace it. Here are the basic parts of a mountain bike:


This is a mountain bike’s core. Some people also call it the skeleton. It holds all the other bike parts. Remember one thing, a frame is always selected according to the biker’s height. This offers better comfortability. Frames are available in various sizes and materials. You can choose according to your convenience.

What Accessories Do I Need For Mountain Biking?

Fork and Shock Absorber

Mountain bike suspension system minimizes shocks every time you put your bike into its limits. For example, riding in rough terrains or trails. These suspension systems are classified into two types. Namely, front suspension and dual suspension. Shock absorbers are attached to the bike’s front wheel.

What Accessories Do I Need For Mountain Biking?


It is located at the front of the bike. This is what you use to steer your bike. Handlebars are available in different shapes and sizes. This also holds the derailleur shifters, brake levers, and headlights. Usually, handlebars are broader than the rider’s shoulders. Keep this in mind. The wider the handlebar, the more control, and leverage.

What Accessories Do I Need For Mountain Biking?


It is responsible for the rotatable interface between the fork and the frame. Most headsets contain two cups. They are pressed into the headtube’s top and bottom.

What Accessories Do I Need For Mountain Biking?


They provide extra comfort to your ride. You need a proper saddle that catches your entire butt. If the saddle is not up to the mark, you will feel pain. Some people think that more padding means more comfort. However, this is completely false. It depends on the seat adjustment.

What Accessories Do I Need For Mountain Biking?


It prevents the rider from all the abuse that a trail can throw. They minimize the bumps during the ride. A Seatpost is quite affordable and inexpensive.

What Accessories Do I Need For Mountain Biking?


They hold the chainrings that make the mountain bike move. It converts the reciprocating motion of the biker’s legs into a circular movement used to drive the chain or belt. This in turn, drives the rear wheel of the mountain bike.


8 Rod

They hold the cranks and the pedals. Rod connects the handlebar levers to the stirrups that pull pad of friction material agaisnt the components of a rim. It serves to attach the wheel to the mountain bike.

9 Pedals

It is where you step your foot while riding a mountain bike. A circulation motion on the pedals makes the bike move forward. The right pedal makes your right smoother and safer.

10 Hub

It is located at the wheel’s center. A hub holds the spokes that are attached to the rim. Hub is also known as the core of the wheel. It contains bearings and in a traditional wheel it has drilled flanges for attachment of spokes.

What Accessories Do I Need For Mountain Biking?

11 Spokes

These are wires joining the hub to the rim. Spokes add extra strength and support to the wheels. Usually, it has a wire on one end swaged to form a head and one threaded end. A traditional wheel has a total of 36 spokes.

12 Rim

This is a metal extrusion that ensures safe rides. It withholds bumps, jumps, and other obstacles. The rims usually measure 26-29 inches in diameter.

13 Cassette

A cassette is located on your rear wheel. It makes pedaling easier on terrains. They are a group of stacked sprockets on the front wheel of the bike with a rear derailleur.

14 Front Derailleur

They shift the chainrings from one to the other. It is used to change the pedaling speed while biking. There are several makes and models of a front derailleur but they all have the same basic function and design.

What Accessories Do I Need For Mountain Biking?

15 Rear Derailleurs

It is used to shift the cassette from one to the other. A rear derailleu shifts the chain at the rear sprockets. The lower pulley pulls backwards to stress on the lower section of the chain.


A brake is the most important part of a bike. Its main purpose is to stop the bike. Besides that, it also helps in regulating speed. There are two basic brake types. Namely, disc brakes and rim brakes.

Mountain Bike Accessories Gloves

Gloves are a basic accessory for mountain bikers. It is safe to wear gloves during mountain biking. Accessories add comfort to your biking. Gloves protect your hands, absorb vibration, and increase grip. Before you plan to buy biking gloves, you must know their types.

Full Finger Gloves

These gloves provide extra protection to the hands. Full finger gloves are useful in spring and autumn. During these times, real warmth is not an issue. Henceforth, full-finger gloves are a great choice. They are generally waterproof. But get soggy in heavy rain. Full finger gloves are available in various shapes and sizes. The best one includes a silicone finger gripper. It helps in improving the control of brakes and levers.

full finger gloves

Summer Mitts

These fingerless gloves provide cushioning between hands. Also known as track mitts, they have lightly padded material in them. Summer mitts protect the hands from road rash. Classic summer mitts feature a leather palm pad or mesh back. On the other hand, modern versions use synthetic leather. They are backed with a lightweight but breathable material. Moreover, they have a microfiber pad at the back to wipe off sweat.

summer mitts

Winter Gloves

These are comparatively bulkier than other gloves. It has two parts, inner and outer. The inner part is washable. Winter gloves guarantee to keep hands warm and dry. It is an essential kit for epic days in sub-zero temperatures. Winter gloves have several layers in them. The simpler ones are made up of lightweight neoprene. But for extreme weather conditions, you will need a windproof, waterproof, and thermal glove.

Winter gloves

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Have you ever witnessed mud droplets on your face while cycling? Well, it is common and happens to almost everybody. But do you know the solution to it? If you know, well and good. But if you don’t know, you’re at the right place. There is an accessory in mountain bikes called forward deflector shield. It is attached to the underside of your down tube. These forward deflector shields protect the biker from mud and water on the trails. It makes your ride smooth and hassle-free. One size fits most bikes. You can trim it too according to your convenience. This is your savior for obstacle-free riding. A forward deflector shield is made up of lightweight polyethylene. It protects the rider’s face and clothes from mid, water, and another road grimes while mountain biking.

What Accessories Do I Need For Mountain Biking?

Conclusion on what accessories do I need for mountain biking?

I hope that you found your answer to the question ‘what accessories do I need for mountain biking?’ Besides that, you also got to know about the different parts of a mountain bike. I’m sure that you know them all by now. And now you won’t have any problem related to your bike. You also got to know about various types of biking gloves. Now you can choose them according to your convenience. Also, you now know about a forward deflector shield. Hopefully, this blog was helpful for all the riders out there. Stay tuned for more honest reviews and suggestions. Till then, happy biking!


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