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What are Menstrual Cups and How to use( FULL DETAIL)

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All the women in the world, bleed at least once in a month. Menstrual cycles are actually a boon to the entire humanity. Because it gives the ladies the ability to bring a new life to this world. But women suffer a lot when it comes to their monthly cycles. Apart from handling all the PMS, irritation, and itchiness, they also have to take care of their intimate hygiene. Therefore, they must use the best menstrual products for a hassle-free period.

The market is filled with several menstrual products, like sanitary pads. But are you aware, that around ninety percent of all the pads manufactured are mainly made up of plastic and are non-biodegradable? That is why they pose a great threat to the environment. Even though sanitary pads are easily available and cheap at cost, studies find that wearing a pad longer than 6 hours can increase the chances of bacterial infection. This calls for an alternative that is both sustainable and efficient.

There are several menstrual products available as an alternative, and one of them is the menstrual cup. But you may wonder that what are these menstrual cups and how to use these menstrual cups? I will give you the answers to all your doubt. Let us first know, that what are menstrual cups?


When you see a menstrual cup, it looks like a funnel shape container. This container is elastic and stretchable up to a certain extent. It is the best menstrual product which is both reusable and efficient. The main use of these cups like any other menstrual product is to collect the period blood and prevent leakage which may result in a stain on the clothes.

Menstrual cups are usually made up of silicone, latex, or thermoplastic isomer. An average menstrual can last up to 10 years. Therefore, it is preferred more over tampons or sanitary pads. Moreover, unlike the pads and the tampon, it collects period fluid rather than absorbing it.

What are Menstrual Cups and How to use them

Menstrual cups come in various sizes. You can easily buy one for yourself depending upon your requirement. Or else, you can consult a doctor and get the prescribed size of the menstrual cup.

Some people may also wonder that are these menstrual cups safe for usage by teenage girls? Yes, it is absolutely safe. Any girl who experiences periods can use menstrual cups. The only thing one must know is how to use these menstrual cups? Let us know to see the right way of using a menstrual cup.

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The process of using a menstrual cup is quite odd and requires proper techniques. But once, you have mastered its usage, you won’t even feel if it is there are not.

Firstly, when you buy yourself a menstrual cup according to your vagina size, make sure to clean it once with a baby wipe or mil-soap-base water. Experts suggest that one should keep it in hot water for 5-10 minutes before the first use.

Once, the cleaning process is done. Carefully hold the top rim of the cup and insert it in your vagina till the cervix end. It is as simple as inserting a tampon. Also, it does not require any special applicator. But if you think you need one, then always use a water-based lubricant.

What are Menstrual Cups and How to use them

The next step requires it to be perfectly placed. With the help of the small stem-like projection twist, it once to assure that the flexible menstrual cup which was inserted as a fold is open and its wall adjusted with the wall of your vagina. You can also see some YouTube videos for the proper reference.

After what duration should you empty your menstrual cup? It depends upon your period flow. You can empty it every 4-12 hours. But don’t keep it for more than 12 hours. While emptying the menstrual cup, carefully pull it out with the help of stem-projection. Never empty your used menstrual cup in a washbasin. Rather, empty it in the toilet. Make sure your hands are clean and sanitized both at the time of inserting a menstrual cup, and at the time of removing a menstrual cup.

When you empty your menstrual cup. You must also clean it with a mild soap-based liquid. Your menstrual cup is ready for the next use.

What is Menstrual Cups and How to use them



Firstly, you should assure that your menstrual cup is leak-proof. Before sanitizing it for the first use, conduct a simple juice test. Take any fruit juice available and pour it into the menstrual cup. You can also use colored water if you don’t have juice. If the menstrual cup leak from anywhere, don’t even think about sealing it with the help of any glue. Throw it right away. If the cup passes the juice test, then congratulations! You can use the menstrual cup.

Secondly, keep cleaning your cups frequently. In addition to that, avoid wearing it for more than 12 hours. Menstrual cups tend to develop a bad odor when not cleaned properly. Therefore, it is suggestible that you clean your menstrual cups properly. Also, if you think that your cup is smelling bad, then throw it right away.

What are Menstrual Cups and How to use them

Thirdly, I personally advise you to buy two menstrual cups in one go. As there should always be a second cup available in case the first one has worn out its efficiency.

The most important thing, you must properly and consciously place your menstrual cup right. If it doesn’t fit properly, there are chances of leakage. Therefore, while inserting a menstrual cup in your vagina, make sure that it is placed right.

Lastly, to determine the size of your menstrual cup, you can measure it by inserting your thumb or your index finger. But still, if you are unsure about your required menstrual cup size, you can consult a doctor for a prescription.

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One thing I want to make sure that talking about menstruation or taking about period hygiene is not bad at all. It’s something really common and people ought to talk more about it. Girls and women already suffer a lot when it comes to their monthly cycle. And therefore, it mandatory to take the utmost care of intimate health.

This article full of knowledge about menstrual cups is not only for women, it is also for all the men out there. I am sure that you all found this article helpful and informative.


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