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What Is Smart Bulb? How Does Smart Bulb Works? How To Reset It?

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The eternal doubt of What Is A Smart Bulb, How Does Smart Bulb Works, How To Reset It is still a question to many…

In 1879, Thomas Alva Edison made history by inventing the first light bulb that surpasses the dark and emits bright young light all over the world to fight against Dark.

Technology has been evolving every single day. Also, relentlessly providing many more technical static inventions that made human effortless and less consumable and the machine work more and more applicable.

Today, we are going to discuss one of those inventions that has been generated in 1879 by Thomas Alva Edison to an independent enthusiastic entrepreneur today.

If you wanna know about smart bulbs like What Is A Smart Bulb, How Does Smart Bulb Works, How To Reset It, or thinking of buying one?

This article is going to educate everything that needs to be known to communicate with your smart bulb fine and perfect.

Let me help you with knowledge about What Is A Smart Bulb, How Does Smart Bulb Works, How To Reset It, by this article.


In short, you own a smart bulb or You about a smart bulb beforehand then let me tell you how it works? and The other important sub-topics the need to be known.

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Here a complete guide about What Is A Smart Bulb, How Does Smart Bulb Works, How To Reset It.


What Is A Smart Bulb, How Does Smart Bulb Works, How To Reset It,

What Is The Smart Bulb?

What Is A Smart Bulb, How Does Smart Bulb Works, How To Reset It,

So basically, the smart bulb is an internet cable LED light. That allows the light accessible customize, programmed, and can be controlled from anywhere in your house.

The invention of the light bulb itself is a great solution. The invention that helped Humans visualize the gloom.

Making them is one of the finest inventions today. The exquisite example of immense human knowledge and capability of unstoppable Technology.

In other words, A smart bulb is an electronic device.  When connected to a Wi-fi hub can be used relentlessly with great comfort and peace. Without moving an inch by controlling it through a remote or an android application. Which will be provided by the parent company. Or else you can happily connect the smart bulb to the Google Home or Alexa and guide them or command them accordingly through them.

The smart bulbs use a mesh network. Also means the wireless connections that need no specific alignment of all those hectic electric wires, plug boxes. And can be connected with almost every electronic device such as mobiles, tabs, laptops, PC’s, etc..

What Is A Smart Bulb, How Does Smart Bulb Works, How To Reset It. Come with me to read more.

With all due respect to that of old incandescent or halogen electrical bulbs that have aided us in seeing things in the dark all these decades.

Smart bulbs, unlike the old school bulbs, last massively longer up to 20-25 years without any possible defection or discontinuity.

How Does a Smart Bulb Work?

What Is A Smart Bulb, How Does Smart Bulb Works, How To Reset It,

Smart bulbs are considered as one of the finest inventions of human being and also the most successful products in terms of sales and capabilities.

  • Unbox the device gently, make sure you are fitting the device in the right framework.
  • Pick up place fix it in the framework.
  • Then download the app.



  • A smart bulb comes with its parent smartphone Android app.
  • Also, Smart bulbs comprise different Shades, colors, brightness, functionalities, and Colour palettes Similarly, the most fascinating thing is it comes with different shades.

Also, there are different modes it can also be stimulated into reading mode, watching mode, and writing mode.

One of the finest and sophisticated features that are smart bulb process is “Circadian Mode” this adjusts the light of your bulb with Sunlight.

The brightness of the bulb resonates with that of sunlight it changes the modulation brightness tempo depending on the sunlight it works accordingly with the light of the Sun.

Therefore, every smart bulb has its smartphone app that is secularly designed and will be available on the Play Store.

Downloading the app will do all the work that is required to make the bulb function.


What Is A Smart Bulb, How Does Smart Bulb Works, How To Reset It,

Another most important feature of using an android device is. –

You can measure the usage according to its time energy and there is also an early prediction service that will predict the amount of energy time and money you will be consuming. Precisely, the bulb comes with an instruction accordingly and set up your bulb.


How To Reset A Smart Bulb?

I’m guessing you understood everything from the above topics now let me tell you on “How to Reset your Smart Bulb”?

Let’s assume you lost your mobile or your PC got worked but due to some technical issues., Then you don’t have to spend your time wondering how to operate your Bulbs with the new devices in a dark room!

You can connect your smart bubs with your newly bought device by doing this –

The term RESET is used to detect the bulbs that are previously connected with.

By altering your device you can no longer access your Device from any Applications.

Although, resetting a bulb seems a bit complicated but if you follow the process step by step without any complications or misdirections you can reset you bulb comfortably without much effort:

Here is the step by step process on how to reset your smart bulb –

off the bulb for 5 seconds

on the bulb for 8 seconds

off the bulb for 2 seconds

on the bull for 8 seconds

off the bulb for 2 seconds

on the bulb for 8 seconds

off the bulb for 2 seconds

on the bulb second

off the wall for 2 seconds

When you switch on the bulb

The Bulb rapidly blinks stating the reset function.

In conclusion, I’m presuming that you understood everything just right on how to reset your bulb for further purposes.


How To Set Up A Smart Bulb?

What Is A Smart Bulb, How Does Smart Bulb Works, How To Reset It,

  1. Unbox your bulb the suitable framework then fix it right tight into the framework then go to the Play Store.
  2. Download the app that is suitable for your product
  3. Then login with suitable details
  4. Now go to add devices
  5. Electric lighting devices
  6. Select your Device
  7. Finally, authorized permissions

You’re all set to go.

How To Connect Your Smart Bulb To Wi-Fi?

The one vital technology that people indulged in themselves without any second thoughts. It turns out, that your relatives are only bound to visit your place if you have a WiFi connection after all. Also, connecting your smart bulb to wifi will teach you the main purpose of you buying a data bulb in one single step.

What Is A Smart Bulb, How Does Smart Bulb Works, How To Reset It,

  1. Download the products app on your Android device
  2. Then log into the details
  3. You can now you can see an interface with the power button on the top right
  4. Click on the power button
  5. Before that, go to the lighting device
  6. Now you can see a light confirm the rapidly blinking light
  7. Select the option
  8. Then and a new page will open with your Wi-Fi password
  9. Log in to your account with a Wi-Fi password
  10. You are connected to your device.

I believe you understood how to set up your Wifi by this passage.


How to Connect Your Smart Bulb with Google Home?

What Is A Smart Bulb, How Does Smart Bulb Works, How To Reset It,

Google! A friend of Million’s in the whole wide world.

Setting up your Smart Bulb with Google one of the easiest and most comfortable modifications to operate or to control your device with just a Command.

Here a step by step guide that will help you to set up a smart bulb with Google Home

  1. Go to Play Store
  2. Download and install Google home
  3. Login with your details
  4. Set up your device
  5. Now open the Option “Works with Google.”
  6. Present your “Name of the device.”
  7. Now, Google home will open a new page that will transfer to Wipro retailing page
  8. Log in with your product details
  9. Authorize Google to access your Devices
  10. Done

Not as complicated as you think, just follow the procedure and you will do just fine.

How to Connect your Smart Bulb with Alexa?

“Alexa”  the most used commanding operative term that will help you to access every electronic device with such comfort and confidence.

What Is A Smart Bulb, How Does Smart Bulb Works, How To Reset It,

Here is a step-by-step process that will help you to set up your smart with Alexa

  1. Play Store and install Alexa app
  2. Thereafter, go to the devices
  3. enter your device name
  4. Also, enable the option “Use.”
  5. Here, Alexa will pop up on a new page that will give you access to your device current login page
  6. Subsequently, log in with necessary details
  7. Alexa discovers your device on its own
  8. Follow the process and set up the bulb
  9. Now your device is ready to use
  10. Finally, test Alexa by commanding different operations your commands make sure the commands work without any complications.

As simple as that, stick to the guidelines and make sure you use them.

Smart Bulb vs Smart Switch which is better

Well, this ought to be one of the toughest comparisons offices of that can be discussed in terms of the phone technical compatibilities and highly sophisticated designing.

What Is A Smart Bulb, How Does Smart Bulb Works, How To Reset It,

As discussed before, the smart bulb is an electronic light LED bulb that can be operated commanded customize without moving an intro for our body. And can just by using our vehicles stimulating them according to our comfort zone.

If you want to compare smart bulbs with smart switches we might as well learn about what is a smart switch? and how does it work?

A Smart Switch is a manual device to turn off/ on the lights.

Smart Switches have to install in your house with neutral wires as a power supply to function properly.

Advantages & Disadvantages Of Using A Smart Switch:

Either you have to stop people or put a sign “do not touch” to keep people from getting contact with them.

In such cases, smart switches must be keep away from any physical contact.

The thing with smart bulbs is the latest is you have a visitor but you can’t stay with them. Assume, for an hour you’re busy with your office work and you have to be physically present in your office to accomplish the task.

Moreover, planting a smart switch here helps him stive out from the confusion.

The thing that differentiates smart bulbs from the smart switch is that when you have a smart which you can’t color the light which is the sort of disgrace discomfort or a disadvantage.

In conclusion, it is always better to carry both & accordingly be able to use both at the appropriate times in an appropriate manner makes your life easy clear.

But as a viewer of technical terms, it is evident that Smart Bulbs are finer, cooler, and more efficient in terms of technical superiorities, etc..

Smart Bulb vs Smart Plug should I buy both?

What Is A Smart Bulb, How Does Smart Bulb Works, How To Reset It,

A smart plug is an electronic plug that needs a power supply to function. If you’re thinking of some other electronic devices besides a smart bulb or smart fan etc… The smart plug is a good, productive device with of course some glossy loops here and there.

A smart plug acts as a catalyst. You can control everything that has been plugged into the socket of a Smart plug from your Phone. The Smart Plug is a divine techno superior socket. By surpassing all the old methodological wired plugs that had craved upon the wall.

a Smart plug only supports a 2.4 GHz power supply.

Also, a Smart Plug can be connected to Wi-Fi. From where you can use your flag supposed to be but that is the main disadvantage of a smart lag is that you can’t moderate customized stimulate anything. Of course, except on and off. This is a manual standard classic old school switch that has no for the purpose. It can be used for any to connect it to Wi-Fi and control it through your smartphone.

Unlike a smart plug, a smart bulb just needs a framework, and everything every design every operation to every command every customization can be done by using your vocals and communicate through your phone.


The evolution of technology is inevitable and unstoppable. So with the everyday inventions and discoveries, one should keep themselves constantly updated. Knowing about the products and their uses to keep the running in the techno-driven world day by day and to derive good effective uses out of them.

Smart bulb, Smart Plug, Smart Switches the world is running g on technology people most likely tend to be handy around them on purpose realizing it is the best way to avoid many technical conditions once for all.

This article will educate you on How to operate one and use one without any further dilemmas or reservations.

I hope this article helps you to learn about What Smart Bulb? How Smart Bulb Works? How To Reset?



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